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Harvard Free Online Courses are online courses offered by Harvard University for free. While a year of tuition at Harvard University costs about $50,000 (before room, board, and fees add another $20K), there is a considerably cheaper option that does not require enduring Massachusetts winters or even being admitted to the prestigious university. Thanks to the university’s fantastic online learning site, all you need is an internet connection to take select Harvard courses for free from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you want to study in-demand employment skills from one of the greatest schools in the world, or you simply want to experience what it’s like to sit in a Harvard class, the good news is that you can do it for free.

There are free courses as well as free to audit courses, which means you can take the course for free but must pay to upgrade for more information and/or to earn a certified certificate from HarvardX. You can audit these seminars for free or pay $50-$200 for features like as graded homework and completion certificates that you can add to your résumé or LinkedIn page.

We’ve identified some of the greatest free Harvard courses currently accessible, ranging from Shakespeare studies to classes that can help you better comprehend urban life. Our diverse selection is similar to a wish list of courses we hope to take in the near future.

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About Harvard University

Harvard University, founded in 1636, is genuinely excellent and one of the oldest American universities. Harvard University, located in Cambridge and Boston, Massachusetts, has about 20,000 applicants, undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. Harvard boasts around 360,000 graduates from all over the world.

EdX | Free Harvard Online Courses

Harvard University in collaboration with MIT founded EdX, an online training provider and MOOC, in 2012. EdX provides students all over the world with fascinating, great courses taught by the world’s best educators, colleges, and organisations.

EdX has over 90 international partners. The finest part about this stage is that edX University persons manage QS World University Rankings ®, with our originators receiving top honours and partner universities ranking first on the list.

How to Choose from Free Harvard Online Courses

There are factors to consider when selecting from free Harvard online courses. The following are some of the most important factors to consider when searching for free Harvard online courses.

Course duration and schedule: The course duration and scheduling are also important considerations. Free Harvard online courses are available in both self-paced and live delivery formats. You should investigate the required number of study hours per week to ensure that it corresponds to your preferences.

Curriculum: Harvard Online has a plethora of courses in the same topic. Determine the topics required for your professional development and then select the course that best meets your needs. For example, if you are a beginner, select a course that incorporates foundational topics.

Department or professor: Harvard University is a highly prestigious university, and earning a certification from an Ivy League institution might help you advance in your career. You can improve it even further by enrolling in a course offered by a well regarded department or faculty.

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Certificates: In collaboration with edX and other online course providers, Harvard University also provides several free Havard online courses. The availability of a validated certificate is an important consideration while selecting a free course. Those who want to earn a certificate should enrol in courses that provide certificates.

Things you can learn from Free Harvard Online Courses

Explore Harvard University’s free online courses on a variety of topics. The Harvard University courses listed below can be reviewed for free, or students can obtain a confirmed endorsement for a small fee. To discover more, select a course.

Physics, mathematics, chemistry, computer science, architecture, data analysis and statistics, energy and earth sciences, humanities, social sciences, history, arts and culture, law, literature, education and teacher training, biology and life science, health and safety, communications, commerce and management, commerce and finance are all available for free online at Harvard. Investigate this list of Free Online Courses at Harvard University to see how you might progress as a professional.

15 Best Free Harvard Online Courses

Note that free Harvard online courses are not the same as Harvard University courses, because Harvard University offers courses that count toward a degree. Free Harvard online courses, on the other hand, provide a short-term certificate or non-certificate courses on a certain topic.

1. Bioethics: The Law, Medicine, and Ethics of Reproductive Technologies and Genetics

This introductory bioethics course is best suited for bioethics lawyers who want to learn about the law’s applicability in the field of human clinical biology. Surrogacy, reproductive technologies, sperm donation, human tissue, and genetic information will all be covered legally. For an extra $149, the course includes a verified certificate.

2. CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python

This is another another free course provided by the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences that covers fundamental Python and artificial intelligence concepts (AI). This online course is worth examining if you are a budding AI engineer or data scientist. Machine learning, AI concepts, neural networks, deep learning, algorithms, and Python are all covered.

3. Fundamentals of Neuroscience, Part 1: The Electrical Properties of the Neuron

This is the first of three free courses on the principles of neuroscience offered by Harvard Online. The classes are intended for future neuroscientists and biologists. The first section introduces passive membranes, bioelectricity, the nervous system, resting potential, and neuroscience.


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4. Introduction to Linear Models and Matrix Algebra

This course in data science and mathematics is best suited for aspiring data scientists or computer scientists. It discusses data science, data analysis, biology, and statistics. You will study matrix algebra notation, linear models, QR decomposition, and R. This course is free to audit, but an official certificate costs $149.

5. Statistics and R

Having statistics and R abilities is essential for launching a career in data science or data analysis, and this free course will help you get them. Random variables, distributions, exploratory data analysis, non-parametric statistics, and inference will all be covered. If you don’t want the certificate of completion, you can take this course for free on edX.

6. Applications of TinyML

If you want to work in deep learning, machine learning, or artificial intelligence, this TinyML course is for you. TinyML application codes, anomaly detection, keyword identification, and visual wake words are covered in the course, which is available on edX.com.

Furthermore, the course includes topics such as data science, computer science, and embedded systems. A validated certificate of completion costs $199.

7. CS50 for Lawyers

This course is appropriate for both law students and aspiring law students who want to learn about information technology (IT) and cyber security. The course covers subjects about the intersection between law and technology. Fundamental data structures, cyber security, computational reasoning, cryptography, and application scalability will all be covered.

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8. CS50’s Understanding Technology

This course is designed for technology beginners who want to learn the fundamentals of computer science. It covers web development, programming, multimedia, and security. The course also covers fundamental HTML, SQL, Python, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. This is a fantastic free course that will help you decide if a career in computer science is right for you.

9. High-Dimensional Data Analysis

Data science and data analysis are increasingly engulfing all major industries. Data analysis is an excellent skill to have on your CV. This course covers data visualisation, biostatistics, data analysis, R, and data science, among other topics. Dimension reduction, dimensional scaling plot, mathematical distance, component analysis, and batch effects will also be covered.

10. Principles, Statistical, and Computational Tools for Reproducible Data Science

Harvard offers another another free data science course. It includes data science, data analysis, and statistics themes. Analytic paradigms, statistical tools, computational tools, and replicable data will all be covered. GitHub, Dataverse, Notebook, Pandoc, Spyder, and RStudio are also covered. A certificate of completion can be obtained for $99 USD.

11. Introduction to Bioconductor

If you want to work in biology and data science, this course could be for you. It is an introductory course in biostatistics, R, data analysis, biology, and data science. Bioconductor genomic ranges, genomic annotation, microarrays, and next-generation sequencing will all be covered.


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How to Enroll for Free Harvard Online Courses

Enrolling in Harvard University Free Online Courses is a simple process. Simply click the “Official Link” provided below and complete the steps outlined below:

11 Harvard Free Online Courses for You in 2022 - Scholarsly (1)

Please create an edX account to begin. You must do the following:

  • Fill in your email address.
  • Enter your entire name. Your entire name will show on any certifications you win.
  • Create a public username for the forums (username must not have spaces) You cannot alter your username once it has been created.
  • Make a password for yourself.
  • Choose your country.
  • Select Create your account

When you find a course in the course catalogue that interests you, you can enrol in it by clicking the Enroll Now button on the course About page.

It is entirely free to sign up for an edX account! You can also take classes for free or pay a fee to get a validated credential.

How to Apply for the Free Harvard Online Courses

Visit the Official Website of the Harvard University Courses. Choose the Subject Area, then Free or Paid. You can then select the Course Start Date as well as you may determine the duration of the Course. Please visit the Official Website of Harvard University’s Free Online Courses to apply for the Free Harvard Online Courses.

How to Apply for Financial Assistance

edX offers up to a 90% discount on our validated certifications to learners who can benefit from, but cannot afford to pay, full price. Most courses that produce validated credentials offer assistance; however, some courses and programmes are not eligible.

You may be authorised for financial help up to five times in a twelve-month period.

To request financial assistance

Enroll as an audit learner in the course, then fill out the financial assistance application. Your application will be reviewed after submission; this process typically takes 2-4 business days. If your application is accepted, you will receive an email with a financial assistance coupon for 90% off. The code can then be used on the payment form to obtain the discounted pricing.

People also ask:

Does Harvard do free online courses?

Harvard University offers free online courses to anyone, wherever in the world. All courses are available, including computer science, social science, data science, humanities, business, health and medicine, mathematics, programming, education, and training. Harvard University offers free online courses to anyone, wherever in the world. All courses are available, including computer science, social science, data science, humanities, business, health and medicine, mathematics, programming, education, and training.

Can I get a Harvard certificate for free?

Harvard OCW is the university’s open online course portal. CS50 on Harvard OCW gives a free certificate of completion, similar to the one seen above. The course, including the assignments, is the same as it is on edX. The sole distinction is that the free certificate does not require ID verification.

Are Free Harvard Online Courses accredited?

The New England Association of Schools and Colleges has accredited Harvard’s online programme. Students can attend online courses at Harvard on their own or as part of a degree or certificate programme.

Can I study at Harvard for free?

Harvard University has declared that undergraduate students from low-income families would no longer have to pay tuition. Harvard University intends to pay the tuition for any family earning less than $40,000 a year with an honour student graduating from high school shortly.

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Is the Free Harvard Online Courses certificate worth it?

Yes, the free Harvard online courses are worthwhile if you want to get a respected diploma from a world-renowned Ivy League university. Harvard University provides a wide range of courses in data science, computer science, education, and business, and having an additional qualification can help you advance in your job.

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Is it true that Harvard is offering free online courses? ›

Harvard University offers over 145 free online courses through the online learning platform.

What are the best free online courses Harvard? ›

5 best Harvard University free online courses
  • CS50 Introduction to game development. This free course is from the field of Computer Science and teaches students about 2D and 3D game developments. ...
  • Leaders of learning. ...
  • The health effects of climate change. ...
  • Religion, conflict, and peace. ...
  • CS50 For Lawyers.
21 Nov 2022

Is Harvard online courses accredited? ›

Harvard's online program is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, a regional accreditor. Students can take Harvard's online courses individually or enroll in a degree or certificate program.

Is HarvardX the same as Harvard? ›

Is “HarvardX” the same as Harvard? According to Harvard, HarvardX enables the faculty to create online learning experiences for residential and online use. Launched alongside edX in 2012, but unlike edX which is founded by Harvard and MIT, HarvardX is solely and entirely Harvard's. Just exactly like MITx.

Is a Harvard online certificate worth it? ›

Yes, online courses at Harvard are worth it if you are looking to earn a reputable certificate from a world-famous Ivy League university. Harvard University offers tons of courses in the areas of data science, computer science, education, and business, and having an additional certification is helpful for your career.

Can you put Harvard online courses on your resume? ›

If you've successfully completed an HBS Online course, we encourage you to list this accomplishment on your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Is Harvard online really Harvard? ›

We Are Harvard

Part of the Division of Continuing Education, we serve students seeking part-time, online courses and programs to advance their careers or pursue an academic passion. We are a fully accredited Harvard school.

What are the best free online certificates you can complete that will actually look good on a resume? ›

15 free online certifications to consider
  • HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification Course. ...
  • Web design by Udemy. ...
  • Google Ads Certification. ...
  • Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. ...
  • Google Analytics Academy Courses. ...
  • Free Code Camp certifications. ...
  • AWS certification. ...
  • IBM Data Science Professional Certificate.

What are the most respected online courses? ›

Top 9 Online Course Providers
  • Coursera – Best for Credentials.
  • Udacity – Best for IT Courses.
  • Codecademy – Best for Coding Courses<
  • HubSpot Academy – Best for Marketing Courses.
  • Udemy – Best for Business Courses.
  • LinkedIn Learning – Best for Creative Courses.
  • The Great Courses – Best for Lifelong Learners.
10 Nov 2022

How much does a Harvard certificate cost? ›

Cost of Completion: Tuition Per Degree or Certificate
Type of ProgramNumber of Required CoursesTotal Tuition
Undergraduate Certificate3$5,940
Graduate Certificate3–5$9,300–$15,500
Undergraduate Degree16–32$31,680–$63,360
Graduate Degree10–12$31,000–$37,200

Do Harvard online courses count for college credit? ›

Transfer Credit

Harvard Extension School courses are accepted toward degrees at most colleges and universities. Because transfer policies and degree requirements vary among schools, students should confirm their home or prospective schools' policy about transfer credit before enrolling in courses.

Do you get a certificate from Harvard free courses? ›

What do I receive upon completion of the course? Upon successful completion of this program, participants will receive a hard copy of a Certificate of Completion from Harvard Online, as well as a Certified Electronic Credential.

Do employers recognize edX certificates? ›

Yes, employers do care about edX certificates. But students must work hard and apply for jobs that match their expertise and experience.

Are edX certificates worth anything? ›

Yes, an edX professional certificate is worth it. EdX courses and certificates provide students with the professional skills to advance their careers. Students take a self-paced course curated by prestigious universities.

Do free online courses count? ›

Do MOOC's Count Toward Academic Credit? It's not common to earn academic credit through free online courses, but there are occasional exceptions. For example, if you are already attending the school presenting the MOOC, they may award some credit upon completion of the paid certification program.

Is it hard to get into HBS online? ›

Besides, applying to these programs is easy–nothing like the lengthy process to get into Harvard's highly selective MBA program. And the acceptance rates are very high, particularly compared to the 11% admit rate for HBS' full-time MBA.

What are the benefits of Harvard online courses? ›

Benefits of Online Learning
  • We focus on human-centered learning. ...
  • Iterative course design keeps courses fresh and relevant for students and instructors.
  • Everyone has the opportunity to earn credit in rigorous, Harvard-quality courses.

Do online courses count in CV? ›

We recommend listing online courses in the Certifications or Professional Development sections on your CV. Some people list online courses in the Education section. We don't recommend doing so because it can detract attention from your degree programs, which you should highlight more prominently.

Are Harvard courses accredited? ›

All Harvard undergraduate and graduate schools, as well as the professional schools, are accredited under Harvard University by the New England Commission of Higher Education.

Which is better Harvard University or Harvard College? ›

The primary distinction between the two is that Harvard College enrolls undergraduates—awarding Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees—while students who matriculate at Harvard University already hold a degree and are pursuing advanced training in a master's or doctoral program.

Do employers take online certificates seriously? ›

If an online degree comes from a regionally or nationally accredited school, employers will know that it is reputable. ADVERTISEMENT. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us.

Which Google certificate is most valuable? ›

The Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate is one of the most valuable Google career certifications you can get. Certified data analysts get an entry-level salary of $67,900 per year and can grow to more than $110K per year once they get 10+ years of working experience.

What is the easiest certification to get that pay well? ›

Look through some of the following quick certification programs that pay well.
  • Phlebotomist Certification Programs.
  • Medical Assistant Certification Programs.
  • Certified Nurse Assistant Certification Programs.
  • Medical Coder or Biller Certification Programs.
  • Flight Attendant Certification Programs.
  • Welder Certification Programs.
15 Sept 2022

What is the most successful online course? ›

The most in-demand online courses right now are in the following course categories:
  • Blockchain and Crypto.
  • Trading.
  • Video Production.
  • Graphic Design.
  • Photography.
  • Arts & Crafts.
  • Health and Fitness.
  • Personal Development.
13 Oct 2022

Which is the best free online courses? ›

In summary, here are 10 of our most popular free courses
  • Indigenous Canada: University of Alberta.
  • The Science of Well-Being: Yale University.
  • Financial Markets: Yale University.
  • Writing in the Sciences: Stanford University.
  • What is the Metaverse?:
  • Introduction to Statistics: Stanford University.

Which courses are in high demand? ›

  • Online Nursing Course. ...
  • Software Developers. ...
  • Online Post- Secondary Education Teaching courses. ...
  • Accounting courses. ...
  • Management Analyst Courses. ...
  • Also read: Management Courses in India.
  • Online courses for Physicians.
23 Sept 2022

How do Harvard free courses work? ›

Free Learning

The standard video courses via edX are usually structured as follows: Access to the learning material is free of charge. This is also true if the first course run is already completed and the MOOC is archived. If you are only looking to learn for free, you should choose the audit option when signing up.

Which online course certificate is valuable in world? ›

Top Online Courses To Look Out for
  • Master Of Science In Machine Learning And AI.
  • PG Diploma In Data Science.
  • PG Diploma In Machine Learning And AI.
  • Post Graduate Diploma In Management (PGDM)
  • PG Program In Management (PGPM)
  • Executive Program In Blockchain Technology Management.
  • Product Management Certification Program.
22 Sept 2022

Is Harvard Extension School respected? ›

"We are a fully accredited Harvard school. Our degrees and certificates are adorned with the Harvard University insignia. They carry the weight of that lineage." Extension students hold Harvard ID cards, get a Harvard email address, study in the university's libraries, and work in its labs.

Is a degree from Harvard Extension School Worth It? ›

The absolute benefit behind HES is the flexibility students can enjoy while pursuing their degrees. Even professionals with full-time careers can pursue a degree at HES. Pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees at HES is a more adaptive process than traditional programs.

Can you take Harvard classes without being enrolled? ›

Yes. You can take courses under the special student status. For more information on this status and how to apply for it, please visit the Categories of Admission page on the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences website (be sure to scroll down to the section labeled Special Student Status).

How much is Harvard free course certificate? ›

Harvard Extension School, which is part of Harvard's division of continuing education. On Harvard Extension, CS50 doesn't include a free certificate either. Instead, students can take the course for credit and receive a formal transcript, which costs $1500–3000.

Can I get a 100% free certificate from edX? ›

edX courses do not award free certificates. Certificates are awarded only to passing students registered in the paid certificate track. The enrollment fee for this track varies by course. Most courses can be viewed in the audit track entirely free, but again will not award a certificate.

Are Harvard edX certificates worth it? ›

edX certificates are absolutely worth it. Although most courses on edX can be taken for free, earning a certificate is a good way to show employers and educational institutions that you're serious about your career or your education.

Which certificate is better Coursera or edX? ›

Courses on both platforms are vetted by industry experts and are frequently updated and reviewed for quality. However, edX marginally edges out Coursera in terms of quality. When sampling a wide range of courses on both platforms, you'll find edX courses to be better designed to impact value.

Are edX Certificates better than Coursera? ›

No, edX's certificates are not better than Coursera's, as both these platforms offer programs that have unique selling points.

Do jobs look at Coursera? ›

Employers Do Recognize Coursera Certificates

Different hiring managers have different perspectives about the courses available on this online learning platform, but they all value Coursera certificates.

Which is better Udemy or edX? ›

If we compare Udemy vs edX, it's evident that Udemy has higher value for money than edX. Talking about the overall quality of content & learning material, if we compare Udemy vs edX, we can see that better content quality is offered by Udemy.

Which is better Coursera or Udemy or edX? ›

Coursera vs Udemy vs Udacity vs Edx — Which is Better

On the other hand, if you are looking for a platform where you can both find options to gain knowledge and share your knowledge through an online course and still make good money from it, surely Udemy is the best platform for you.

Do edX certificates expire? ›

You'll find a message on the right side on the course homepage within the course displaying the date your access expires. After the expiration date, you would need to pay and upgrade to the verified certificate track to regain access in this session, or enroll in a future session when the course is offered again.

What courses is Harvard offering for free? ›

Free Courses
  • Art & Design. Design & Creativity. Creativity. Design. ...
  • Business. Negotiation. General. Business Intelligence. ...
  • Computer Science. General. Computer Networking. ...
  • Data Science. General. Data Science. ...
  • Education & Teaching. General. Education. ...
  • Health & Medicine. General. Health. ...
  • Humanities. Culture. Culture. ...
  • Mathematics. General. Geometry.

What are the best free online course sites? ›

14 Best Sites for Free (or Cheap) Online Courses That'll Boost Your Skills
  1. ALISON. ...
  2. Udemy. ...
  3. Coursera. ...
  4. edX. ...
  5. Udacity. ...
  6. LinkedIn Learning. ...
  7. General Assembly. ...
  8. Skillshare.
11 Mar 2022

What is the best free online course platform? ›

The platforms enable you to learn the best free online courses.
  • 1) Coursera.
  • 2) Udemy.
  • 3) Udacity.
  • 4) Edx.
  • 5) LinkedIn Learning.
  • 6) Skillshare.
  • 22) Memrise.

Do Harvard free courses have certificates? ›

Harvard OCW, which is Harvard's open online course platform. On Harvard OCW, CS50 includes a free certificate of completion, like the one above. Note that the course is the same as on edX, including the assignments. The only difference is that the free certificate doesn't involve ID verification.

How do the Harvard free courses work? ›

Free Learning

The standard video courses via edX are usually structured as follows: Access to the learning material is free of charge. This is also true if the first course run is already completed and the MOOC is archived. If you are only looking to learn for free, you should choose the audit option when signing up.

Is it worth doing online free courses? ›

More than 60% said that the experience helped them develop skills in a new job. Around 40% believed the course made them more qualified as job candidates. Whether you're interested in entrepreneurship or a more traditional employee role, a free online course can take your expertise to the next level.

Which course is best for free time? ›

Free Online Courses
  • Fundamental Marketing: Inbound Marketing Certification by HubSpot Academy.
  • Content Marketing: Content Marketing Certification by HubSpot Academy.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing Course by HubSpot Academy.
  • Email Marketing: Cold Email Masterclass by Mailshake.
6 Jan 2022

How can I get great courses for free? ›

Fortunately, your Mentor Public Library offers three ways that you can enjoy more The Great Courses for free.
  1. Borrow them from us.
  2. Stream them using Kanopy.
  3. Stream audio versions of the Great Courses for free with Hoopla.
3 Oct 2022

What courses can I do from home for free? ›

Featured Free Online Courses
  • Self-harm and Suicide Awareness and Prevention. Level 2 Certificate.
  • Mental Health First Aid. Level 2 Certificate.
  • Autism. Level 2 Certificate.
  • Team Leading. Level 2 Certificate.

Does Google offer free online courses? ›

Google Digital Workshop provides free of charge, in-person and online training courses with an accredited certification at the end to help graduates boost their LinkedIn profile and CV.

Which online course is best for beginners? ›

Top beginner courses under 15 hours, sorted by recent completions
  • AI For Everyone. DeepLearning.AI. ...
  • What is Data Science? ...
  • Hacking Exercise For Health. ...
  • Python for Data Science, AI & Development. ...
  • Stanford Introduction to Food and Health. ...
  • First Step Korean. ...
  • Fundamentals of Graphic Design. ...
  • Design Thinking for Innovation.

Which website is best to learn online? ›

The 7 Best Online Learning Platforms of 2022
  • Best Overall: Coursera.
  • Best for Niche Topics: Udemy.
  • Best for Creative Fields: Skillshare.
  • Best for Celebrity Lessons: MasterClass.
  • Best for STEM: EdX.
  • Best for Career Building: Udacity.
  • Best for Data Learning: Pluralsight.
24 Feb 2022

Which app is best for free courses with certificate? ›

The best educational apps and websites for online learning
  1. Coursera. One of the world's best-known online learning resources, Coursera has several thousand courses from leading educational providers. ...
  2. Khan Academy. ...
  3. edX. ...
  4. FutureLearn. ...
  5. OpenLearn. ...
  6. SoloLearn. ...
  7. Codecademy. ...
  8. Udemy.
3 Sept 2020

Which online certification platform is best? ›

Best Online Certification Courses Providers 2022
  • Udemy. 3320+ Courses.
  • Edx. 1952+ Courses.
  • Swayam. 1510+ Courses.
  • Coursera. 1447+ Courses.
  • Futurelearn. 1001+ Courses.
  • Mindmajix Technologies. 677+ Courses.
  • Vskills. 538+ Courses.
  • MSBM. 257+ Courses.


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