12 Awesome Educational Youtube Channels For Adults - Number Dyslexia (2023)

Learning is an ongoing process, whether you’re a kid or an adult. Living in the digital era, people can make the best use of the internet in gaining and enhancing knowledge. One such platform to help adults with gaining more knowledge is YouTube. In such a high-priced environment, YouTube channels contribute to a great extent.

In fact, Content is no longer just entertaining. It is rather informative, helpful, and educational. More than having just enjoyable and amusing videos, a lot of content creators are now indulging in creating knowledgeable and educational content for individuals, especially adults.

Various channels are bombarded with content; hence, in this post, we will discuss a few educational YouTube channels for adults.

What’s in it for older students?

There are more than 51 million YouTube channels on different subject matters, and this figure is growing every day, claims one study. The free-of-cost knowledge that they offer to the viewers makes them one of the most loved techniques for handling issues and solving them with creative ideas. Let us have a look at the interesting benefits of YouTube channels for adults below.

1. Creates a Communication channel

Every video uploaded on YouTube has a provision for the comments unless it is disabled. This section permits users to leave their comments and views which are publicly visible. It opens up a channel for communication amongst people who share a common interest and aids in sharing of information.

2. Improves Memory

Visual content stays in the memory and keeps the viewer connected for longer periods of time.The interactive videos help in introducing new concepts so that they are easily understood and remembered. These YouTube games and information are of great help while introducing fresh ideas to kids and toddlers.

3. Easy to Comprehend

The YouTube channels focus on creating content that is easy to understand and interesting to watch. There is a colorful combination of information, images, infographics, and animations to make the content easy to understand for adults. New concepts seem less intimidating and an atmosphere for enjoyable learning is fostered.

4. Brings out Creativity

YouTube creators are generally experienced in their fields which helps them create unique yet relatable content. These channels help to bring creativity and innovation to the daily routine. Various DIY and craft tutorials help to learn through creative methods.

Educational YouTube channels you can still enjoy being an adult

The ready and easy availability of content on almost any topic has made YouTube increasingly popular even amongst adults for the purpose of learning. Here is a list of educative channels that facilitate learning.

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1. Ted-Ed

Ted ED is a channel with curated videos on various educational topics. The use of animation makes the videos very interesting and catches the attention of the viewer.The topics range from videos on why parrots can talk to nature and animals.

TedED is a part of the community that comprises the famous Tedx talks too which most people are familiar with. The videos are not in a presentation format but have an expert narrating the topic. This channel has various playlists for educators and students too. In all, a valuable tool to gain knowledge on topics that we may not be familiar with.

Channel Link

(Video) What is dyslexia? - Kelli Sandman-Hurley

2. This Reading Mama

This Reading Mama offers a variety of videos for interactive learning. The content on the channel helps adults gain knowledge on the various techniques to teach the kids vocabulary and other concepts of the English language.

The channel carefully teaches the users to comprehend meanings, tenses, vocabulary use, and the appropriate grammatical usage of words in an expanded way. It also keeps the viewers aware of current global events and assists them in properly visualizing them.

Each Easy English video depicts encounters and conversations with English speakers dealing with actual circumstances. Step-by-step video tutorials accompanied by high-visual graphics help gain viewers’ attention.

3. Codpast

Since 2014, The Codpast has offered helpful advice to adults. They welcome guests on their podcast, where they engage in cordial conversations. On the streets, common people are interactively interviewed and asked uninteresting questions about their day or the happenings of their lives. This builds a positive feeling by being a part of a larger community in the world.

Through this interaction, users can witness the accurate pronunciations of various English terms in real-time and become more used to hearing and comprehending the language used by speakers throughout the globe.

4. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

One of the most popular channels on YouTube, with more than a million subscribers this channel, is a favorite. The simple narration and bright animation make the videos a treat to watch. The topics are varied and range from technology and political situations to aliens.

Even the most complex topics are explained in the simplest way. Their attention to detail and accuracy of information is what makes this channel unique. It makes learning a very enjoyable experience.

(Video) Dyslexia | How Do Dyslexics Learn? | Think How You Learn

5. Learning Ally

Learning Ally makes beneficial films for teachers and tutors across the world. This channel is essential for viewing to teach education and other important skills to people with dyslexia. Additionally, there are authentic instructor testimonies available for reference.

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It highlights techniques to understand dyslexic kids’ difficulties and helps build confidence in adults when teaching special kids. They have some of the best ideas to help calm down children and make them feel comfortable in different circumstances.Several things are taught on the channel, which will make kids learn the concepts and memorize them for a long time.

6. How To Adult

How to adult is all about the knowledge needed to live your life as an adult. It throws light on things that are necessary for life but not always taught in schools. The content is bubbly and easy to understand. The topics range from making a cup of coffee and changing a car tyre to self-care.

Necessary skills sometimes are sidelined in the quest for formal education and degrees. This channel is your go-to place to learn that essential something that as an adult, you wish had been taught in your school life.

7. Association for British Dyslexia

One of the greatest groups in the world at raising awareness of dyslexia is the British Dyslexia Association. They invite successful dyslexics to speak so that others can learn from their advice and experiences. Therefore, you are not alone; these stories provide the inspiration one needs.

This is one of the best channels for kids with special needs. It helps them understand the concepts in the most convenient framework.The best thing about the channel is that it makes the child feel happy. There are many kids with special needs, and when the experts share their experience on the channel, it gives the adults the power to make their children confident.

(Video) Dyslexia Explained | What's It Like Being Dyslexic? | Understand Dyslexia

8. Vox

We all wish we could always be updated about the outside world. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. The world is constantly changing and the media is overloaded with information.

Vox is a channel that covers a lot of topics but what makes it unique is its content about current affairs. Vox also offers its insight on various political issues and the government. One can turn to this channel for topics like politics, nuclear science, or even just a dash of humor.

9. Rockets Reading

Evidence-based reading information is produced by Reading Rockets. More information on reading advice may also be found on their YouTube channel.

Through a range of seminars, publications, and events, they raise enough funds and donate them to the charities that work for the cause. They have connected with a lot of schools with special needs kids too.The station often hosts live events highly helpful to viewers. People from around the world attend this live event to learn about many different aspects of life.

10. Crash Course

This unique channel has content that is divided into courses. The variety of subjects includes chemistry, history, biology, ecology, and many more.

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(Video) Do You Have Dyslexia? (TEST)

The videos on topics like finance, public health, and the war on drugs are of great value.The high-quality videos make it not only informative but also captivating to the viewers.The videos are educative and answer commonly asked questions about various issues like why is public health important? Why is washing hands important? And the importance of caring for one’s health.

11. Brain Craft

This channel is hosted by Vanessa Hill who is a behavioral scientist and a science communicator. The videos focus on psychology, neuroscience, and self-development.

Some videos like the role of Oxytocin, why we must go to bed early, and changing the way you think are unconventional topics that will keep the viewer engrossed.The takeaway from the channel is the correlation between scientific research and daily well-being.

12. Daily Dyslexic

Daily Dyslexic channel includes motivational speeches from special kids, free resources of information, and more. These videos strongly put out experiences of kids with dyslexia, ADHD, dysgraphia, and dyspraxia.

One needs to spend some time on the channel, and the experts will make one feel the difference with their strong viewpoints. There are various reviews on experiences and products expressed on this channel.

Each one has a story to tell, and they make the viewers feel connected to those experiences. Don’t let special children feel that they are different from others. Adults and kids can take help from this channel to make themselves feel a part of society.


Are you scared of the overwhelming amount of information you have to process every day? Or are intimidated by the learning you have to do? These YouTube channels allow adults and kids to transform their lives positively. You need to be a part of these channels and enjoy different processes and activities to explore the highest potential through learning.

Browse through the channels available and then use the ideas explained there to educate yourself. Just follow the expert advice with a calm mind and enjoy the process. This will not only make you comfortable with the subject but will also strengthen your desire to learn more.


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24 Jan 2019

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