25 Crazy Fun Sight Word Games | Play Ideas (2023)

Turn early reading into a sight word game and you’ll have a reader for life!A sight word game is a perfect opportunity for kids to practice sight words and build their reading skills. Sight word games can be a great way to help your little learner improve their reading skills, vocabulary and fluency. They are easy to set up and play, and your child will have a lot of fun.

25 Crazy Fun Sight Word Games | Play Ideas (1)

Fun and Learning Sight Word Games for Kindergarteners

Reading skills can be hard work which is why we adore the idea that mastery of reading sight words can be turned into a game! Using toys, games, and activities will give your early reader a chance to see reading as fun, rather than hard.

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Whether you are in the classroom, at home, or just having fun on the go, here are some of the best free sight word games we found online.

1. Word Building with Duplo Blocks

Learn all about how letters form words with letter matching and Duplo blocks!This letter matching game from The Printable Princess could be used for any word learning!

25 Crazy Fun Sight Word Games | Play Ideas (2)

2. Bobbing for Words

“Bob” for words by hanging the words each on a word card your kid is learning from a door frame and letting them pull them down as they read it correctly.This game Via The Pleasantest Thing makes practice silly fun!

25 Crazy Fun Sight Word Games | Play Ideas (3)

3. Opposite Matching Game

If you love opposites (and who doesn’t?), you’re going to love playing this opposite matching game from Kids Activities Blog!This combines sight words with non-sight words to let kids challenge their reading while concentrating on the word definitions.This more advanced reading activity can work great for kids in first grade!

25 Crazy Fun Sight Word Games | Play Ideas (4)
(Video) Ideas for Teaching Sight Words

4. Sight Word Toss Game

Toss the lid into the cupcake tin and say whatever word it lands on. Changing out the words can keep this game evolving while engaging children to continue playing.This fun game from Growing Book By Book is so much fun!

25 Crazy Fun Sight Word Games | Play Ideas (5)

5. Pick Up Stick Sentences

Can your kiddo figure out how to line up the pick-up sticksto write a whole sentence? Whoa! That’s like next-level learning in this fun activity by J Daniel 4’s Mom!

25 Crazy Fun Sight Word Games | Play Ideas (6)

6. Play I Spy with Words and Letters

Sift through the“I Spy” bin and figure out how the different letters match up to make words.Happy ready from Mess For Less!

25 Crazy Fun Sight Word Games | Play Ideas (7)

7. Shark Fin Word Game

Match up the teeth to the shark fin words just like in the book Shark in the Park.This learning activity from Growing Book by Book has a lot of bites!

25 Crazy Fun Sight Word Games | Play Ideas (8)

8. Roll a Sight Word Alien

This game of chance will give you either the coolest or the weirdest alien ever. It is all a matter of rolling the dice and playing along with what can be read. FUn game from Play Dough To Plato!

25 Crazy Fun Sight Word Games | Play Ideas (9)

9. Sight Word Beach Ball Toss

Toss the word ball and practice words while the kiddos enjoy fun kinetic movements. This reading activity from Kids Activities Blog is great for the classroom and is a favorite of many Kindergarten and First Grade teachers.

(Video) Sight Words Games for Kindergarten | Read, Play and Learn Sight Words | Fun way to Teach | Game - 1

25 Crazy Fun Sight Word Games | Play Ideas (10)

10. Sight Word BINGO

Think your little is ready for a rousing game of blackout bingo? Well, this sight word blackout from This Reading Mama is even more fun because they’ll be learning words as they play!Grab the common words Sight Word challenge Bingo-style or create your own with your child’s sight word lists.

25 Crazy Fun Sight Word Games | Play Ideas (11)

11. Connect the Word Game

Connect the Duplo blocks to spell out words according to this printable from Mom Inspired Life!Teach kids to read with this word smash idea using blocks you already have at home (or in the classroom)!

25 Crazy Fun Sight Word Games | Play Ideas (12)

12. Spot the Sight Word Dominoes

Match up these sight word “dominoes” and see where the game takes you! Grab these high-frequency words that students in kindergarten through second grade typically need to know by sight. Clever game matching sight words perfect for literacy centers.

25 Crazy Fun Sight Word Games | Play Ideas (13)

13. Sight Word Go Fish

Go fishing in your living room and learn all about whatever words you catch! Common sight words are so much easier to memorize through this game by Play Dough To Plato!

25 Crazy Fun Sight Word Games | Play Ideas (14)

14. Early Reading Mystery Bin Activity

This shaving foam mystery bin is going to be a blast! Your kids are going to learn to letter and word recognition while searching through this goopy mess of fun game from Mess For Less!

25 Crazy Fun Sight Word Games | Play Ideas (15)
(Video) Crazy Roads Sight Word Games

15. Free Printable:Gumball Word Game

This gumball machine printable from Paly Dough to Plato is definitely fun you’re going to ‘chew’ on for a bit…get it? Early reading skills and learning sight words have never been more engaging!

25 Crazy Fun Sight Word Games | Play Ideas (16)

16. Picture & Magnetic Letter Board Activity

Learn sight words by learning their picture pairs with this magnetic word board idea from Miss Giraffe’s Mom!The big colorful sight word cards work perfectly with your magnetic letters for young readers.

25 Crazy Fun Sight Word Games | Play Ideas (17)

17. Word Parking Lot Activity

They paved paradise and put up a sight word parking lot (unavailable). This parking lot by Juggling with Kids is truly sight-reading heaven!This is an easy and fun way to learn for pre-K, preschool and Kindergarten.

25 Crazy Fun Sight Word Games | Play Ideas (18)

18. Craft Stick Reading Puzzle

Let your kids match up the words with this colorful stick puzzle game from This Reading Mama!Smash the sticks together puzzle-style to uncover the hidden words.

25 Crazy Fun Sight Word Games | Play Ideas (19)

19. Shake, Shake, Shake Those Sight Words

Shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake those sight words! Recognize those words while dancing, singing, and reading in this fun activity by I Can Teach My Child!

25 Crazy Fun Sight Word Games | Play Ideas (20)

20. Craft Stick Sight Word Challenge

Pick a stick, any stick! These sticks have sight words, and these words are totally going to ‘stick’ for your kids! Challenge kids to seek and find sight words with this simple DIY game from Teach me Mommy!

(Video) Sight Word Freeze Dance // sight word activities for kids

25 Crazy Fun Sight Word Games | Play Ideas (21)

21. Silly Word Swat Game

Swat the words as they’re said with this fun and silly swatter game (unavailable) idea from PBS! Grab the challenging word list your child might have and create your own custom set of post-it note words!

25 Crazy Fun Sight Word Games | Play Ideas (22)

22. Build a Sentence with Toys

Use toys to teach your children not only sight words but sentence structure and actual reading!Grab some favorite toys, some challenging words and play this sight word game and you have a customized reading game at the perfect level for your reader. Clever idea from Kids Activities Blog!

25 Crazy Fun Sight Word Games | Play Ideas (23)

23. Snakes, Ladders & Sight Words

Instead ofChutesand Ladders, play this fun printable with snakes, ladders, and sight words from Sight Words! Grab this free printable game and start playing this traditional board game in a non-traditional way.

25 Crazy Fun Sight Word Games | Play Ideas (24)

24. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Sight Word Game

Here’s another fun printable board game from Play Dough to Plato that uses the themes from The Very Hungry Caterpillar to teach sight words!Readers will love moving their game pieces around the board making sure their very hungry caterpillar gets fed!

25 Crazy Fun Sight Word Games | Play Ideas (25)

25. Sight Word Cup Stacking Challenge

Write words on the bottoms of cups and see how high your kids can make their word pyramid before it tumbles to the ground!What a fun sight word game from J Daniel 4’s Mom!

25 Crazy Fun Sight Word Games | Play Ideas (26)
(Video) SIGHT WORD ACTIVITIES | How to teach sight words at home for Kindergarten, First and Second Grade

More Fun and Learning Activities for Kids of All Ages from Play Ideas

  • Thesefriendship braceletsteach about friendship, of course with your kids’ friends.
  • Let your toddler learn more alphabet with these alphabet letters activities and learning play
  • Summer with kids is soo fun with theseseashells activities.
  • Start Mathematics to your toddllers with these simpleMath activities.
  • Sweet tooth can turn to creative minds with thesecrafts made out of marshmallows!
  • More funactivities for your 2-year-oldwith this creative list.
  • Pony beadsrefine you kid’s motor skills! Create fun crafts with it.

Which crazily fun sight word games are you playing with your kiddo today?


What activities can you do with sight words? ›

Try these fun activities instead. Big, at, can, does, go, see: these are just a few of what are commonly referred to as sight words.
10 Clever Games to Help Your Child Learn Sight Words
  • Egg Hunt. ...
  • Read An Interactive Book! ...
  • Sight Word Smash-Up. ...
  • Sight Word Bingo. ...
  • Word Walk. ...
  • Spot the Word. ...
  • Sight Word Attack. ...
  • Magic Reveal!
3 Mar 2017

How do you make practicing sight words fun? ›

Write the Words in Fun Ways

Trace the word on a sand, kinetic sand, or salt tray. Trace laminated sight word cards with finger paint or shaving cream (less mess than paint!). Or, stay inside and write the words on an easel or whiteboard. Dry erase markers make everything more interesting!

What is a fun word game? ›

Scrabble dictionary checker. Word descrambler. Spelling Bee Answers. Today's Wordle Answer & Hints. All word games helpers.

What are the 52 sight words? ›

all, am, are, at, ate, be, black, brown, but, came, did, do, eat, four, get, good, have, he, into, like, must, new, no, now, on, our, out, please, pretty, ran, ride, saw, say, she, so, soon, that, there, they, this, too, under, want, was, well, went, what, white, who, will, with, yes.

How do you play the sight word memory game? ›

The child picks one card and turns it over so the word is visible, reading the word on the card. The child then picks a second card and also turns it over, reading the word on the second card. If the words on the two overturned cards match, the player removes the pair, placing them by her side, and gets another turn.

What is sight word bingo? ›

Image: Sight Words Bingo. Each child gets his or her own Bingo Card with a set of words printed on a grid on the face of the card. The adult calls out words one at a time, and each time the child hears a word that is on their card, they cover the word with a marker.

What is the best way to teach sight words? ›

5 Ways to Make Learning Sight Words Easier for Your Kids
  1. Tip 1: Expose your child to sight words early on.
  2. Tip 2: Make read-alouds more interactive.
  3. Tip 3: Engage all of their senses.
  4. Tip 4: Sort sight words into categories.
  5. Tip 5: Read and play with sight words daily.
17 May 2021

What is the trendy word game? ›

The premise of Wordle is simple; players have six tries to guess a five-letter mystery word. Each time you guess a word, the game tells you which (if any) of the letters you have guessed are correct — and if they're in the correct place in the answer. The game can be accessed daily on the Wordle website.

What is the new popular word game? ›

This game is so good. Wordle gives players six chances to guess a randomly selected five-letter word. As shown above, if you have the right letter in the right spot, it shows up green. A correct letter in the wrong spot shows up yellow.

What is the popular word game right now? ›

What is Wordle and how do you play it? Wordle is an online 5-letter word game. Each day a new word is released and players have six attempts to guess what the word of the day is. During the guesses, tiles will change colour to help players get the word.

What are the top 10 sight words? ›

Top 100 Sight Words and How to Teach Them
  • A: a, an, at, are, as, at, and, all, about, after.
  • B: be, by, but, been.
  • C: can, could, called.
  • D: did, down, do.
  • E: each.
  • F: from, first, find, for.
  • H: he, his, had, how, has, her, have, him.
  • I: in, I, if, into, is, it, its.

How many sight words should a 6 year old know? ›

A good goal, according to child literacy expert Timothy Shanahan, is that children should master 20 sight words by the end of Kindergarten and 100 sight words by the end of First Grade.

What are super sight words? ›

When it is applied to early reading instruction, it typically refers to the set of about 100 words that keeps reappearing on almost any page of text. "Who, the, he, were, does, their, me, be" are a few examples.

How do you play sight word SWAT? ›

Playing the Swat the Sight Word Game

Give your student a flyswatter and have them stand back a bit so that they can see all of the bugs. Then, when they're ready, call out a sight word for them to find. Their job is to read the sight words and swat the bug with the right one.

How do you play the game Kaboom? ›

Players take turns drawing a popsicle stick from the bucket and reading the word or making the sound of the letter on it, then add it to their own pile. If the player can't read it, the stick goes back in the bucket. If a player picks a stick that says "KABOOM!", he or she returns all of their sticks to the bucket.

What are some examples of sight words? ›

Kindergarten: be, but, do, have, he, she, they, was, what, with. First grade: after, again, could, from, had, her, his, of, then, when. Second grade: around, because, been, before, does, don't, goes, right, which, write.

How do you play popcorn sight words? ›

Take a popcorn card out of the box and read it. If you read the word correctly, keep the card. If you read the word incorrectly, place the card in a separate pile of "un-popped" words to be read later. If you draw "POP!" card, return all of your cards to the box and move that "POP!" card from play.

What is sight word hopscotch? ›

Sight Word Hopscotch: Use chalk to draw a hopscotch pattern on the ground. Instead of numbering them, write in your child's sight words. The first player stands behind the starting line to toss his or her marker (i.e., flat stone, button, penny) in square one. It has to land in the square without bouncing out.

How do you play tricky word bingo? ›

To play, simply give your students a board each, then read out the list of tricky words and make sure your pupils mark off the ones on their board. Once all their words have been called, shout 'bingo!' . Why not laminate the boards and use whiteboard markers so you can use them again and again?

How do you play around the world with sight words? ›

Have two players sitting next to each other stand up. They are the first competitors. Call out two numbers for them to add. The first player to say the answer correctly wins.

What are the 13 high frequency words? ›

Here are the magic 13: a, and, for, he, in, is, it, of, that, the, to, was, you. At the end of this article, we have included two other important word lists: Revised Dolch List (226 words) and List of High- Frequency Nouns (46 words).

How many sight words should you teach at a time? ›

Teach 10 Words at Time

Research shows that students memorize sight words more efficiently when working on 10 words at one time. In my classroom, I choose 10 words to work on for two weeks. All are introduced together and practice each day.

Why can't kids remember sight words? ›

If, after ample repetition, your child still can't remember basic sight words, it could indicate dyslexia, an auditory processing problem, or a visual perception disorder.

How do kids memorize sight words? ›

Sight words are often taught by having students memorize or re-read words from a list, or through a series of worksheet activities. (If you're looking for a workbook to use at home, try Scholastic Success With Sight Words.)

What is the newest word game craze? ›

A simple word game is the newest social media and pop culture phenomenon: Wordle. The task is to guess a five-letter word.

What is the most popular free word game? ›

Best free word games online
  1. Word Wipe. If you like timed games, you should check out Word Wipe. ...
  2. Wordmeister. If you're a big Scrabble fan, you may enjoy Wordmeister. ...
  3. Word Zen. ...
  4. SpellTower. ...
  5. Codeword. ...
  6. Skribbl.io. ...
  7. Words with Friends. ...
  8. Wander Words.
3 Mar 2022

How do you play the Octordle? ›

Guess all eight OCTORDLE words in 13 tries.

Each guess must be a valid 5 letter word. Hit the enter button to submit. After each guess, the color of the tiles will change to show how close your guess was to the word.

What word game is everyone talking about? ›

It's all thanks to people playing a word guessing game called Wordle. So, what is Wordle and why is everyone suddenly obsessed with it? Join us as we find out.

What is the most popular first Wordle guess? ›

Sorry Bill Gates, but AUDIO isn't the best word to start with when you're playing Wordle. A pair of MIT researchers recently set out to find the optimal starting word for the popular online puzzle, discovering that the statistically superior first guess is SALET, which is a 15th century helmet.

Who makes the popular word game? ›

The best-selling word game was developed by Zach Gage and Jack Schlesinger in 2008, and since its founding has been downloaded over a million times. Join in on the word game fun and add to the growing list of words made by SpellTower fans — it's already above a billion!

What are the examples of word game? ›

Family word board games
  • Scrabble. Best for: Ages 8 and up. Scrabble works best when you have two to four players. ...
  • Boggle. Best for: Ages 12 and up. ...
  • Pictionary. Best for: Ages 8 and up. ...
  • Scattergories. Best for: Ages 13 and up. ...
  • Bananagrams. Best for: Ages 7 and up.
5 Aug 2022

What is the random word game? ›

Random Words is a minimal yet addictive word game, mixing elements of Crossword and Match-Three style gameplay. The more words you find, the more time you will get to push your score higher than all your friends. Don't forget to use the bomb power up to clear annoying letters and gain some vital extra seconds.

What is the number one word used in the world? ›

Answer and Explanation: 'The' is the most used word in the English-speaking world because it's an essential part of grammar and communication. It would be difficult to speak English without repeatedly using 'the. ' Other frequently used words include 'of,' 'to,' 'and' and 'a.

What are the 220 sight words? ›

Dolch Sight Words List (220 words)
22 more rows

What are the easiest sight words? ›

#1. Start With TWO Letter Sight Words
  • When you start out teaching a child sight words, it's important to start small and build up to longer words. ...
  • Here are some two-letter sight words that you can start with: of, to, is, in, it, he, on, as, at, be, or, by, we, an, do, if, up, so, no, go.

What age should a child read fluently? ›

On average, most kids are able to read independently and fluently by the end of third grade, which is around when they are 9-10 years old. Children at this age are able to read simple sentences and storybooks. By age 11-13, your child should begin to use reading as a learning tool.

How do you teach sight words to struggling readers? ›

5 Tips for teaching sight words
  1. Look for them in books. Draw a child's attention to a word by looking for it in children's books. ...
  2. Hang them around the classroom. ...
  3. Help children use them. ...
  4. Re-visit them regularly. ...
  5. Introduce an online typing course.

How many words can a 7-year-old say? ›

Your 7-year-old now

use a wide-ranging vocabulary when speaking (now as many as 20,000 words!)

What are tricky words or sight words? ›

Many sight words actually have parts of code in them, but they are “tricky.” Tricky words don't follow the entire code, but they have parts of codes in their structure. These words are “tricky words” to be decoded, not sight words to be memorized.

How many sight word lists are there? ›

There are 220 words that make up the Dolch sight word list. These words were compiled by Dr. Edward Dolch in 1948 and are divided into five groups: pre-primer, primer, first grade, second grade, and third grade.

How can students practice sight words? ›

Tape words on the wall or ceiling. Use the flashlight to shine on the word, then have your child read it. Go Fish: With a duplicate set of word cards play “Go Fish.” You can easily make your own cards out of index cards. Stepping Stones: Place the word cards on the floor, making a fun stream going across the room.

How do you practice sight words in the classroom? ›

There are many ways to teach sight words—here are just a few ideas!
  1. Look for them in books. Draw a child's attention to a word by looking for it in children's books. ...
  2. Hang them around the classroom. ...
  3. Help children use them. ...
  4. Re-visit them regularly. ...
  5. Introduce an online typing course.

What activities can be used to develop phonics? ›

14 Fun phonics activities for preschoolers
  • Rainbow hop letter sounds game. This kinetic phonics game from Fun Learning for Kids transforms your living room into a life-sized board game. ...
  • Alphabet ball. ...
  • Alphabet phonics clip cards. ...
  • Letter sounds race. ...
  • Phonic photo scavenger hunt. ...
  • Spin & rhyme. ...
  • Erase the sound. ...
  • Mystery bag.
18 Feb 2019

How do you practice rainbow words? ›

Rainbow Writing: Spelling Practice
  1. Say the word. Write the word in pen or pencil. Say each letter out loud as you write it. Then, say the word again. ...
  2. Say the word. Trace over the word with a crayon. Say each letter out loud as you trace it. Then, say the word again.
  3. Repeat Step 3 with your other two favorite crayons.

How do you teach sight words without flashcards? ›

After reading a book, have your student go on a “sight word” hunt for specific words. Once they find the word, students can read the sentence it belongs to. Alternatively, you can have students keep a tab of the words they've found by writing them on a sheet of paper or in a sight word journal.

How does Montessori teach sight words? ›

Sight/puzzle words
  • First period: the directress names each word one by one and asks the child to repeat the names after her. ...
  • Second period: the directress asks the child if he can show her different puzzle words she calls out for. ...
  • Third period: the directress asks the child if he can tell her the different puzzle words.

What are the 5 steps to the sight reading process? ›

5 Steps to Sight Reading Sheet Music
  1. Get your materials ready. ...
  2. Highlight all the accidentals. ...
  3. Mark the rhythms that seem difficult. ...
  4. Scan over the whole piece before you play. ...
  5. Read the music in your head first.
10 Dec 2012

What is the easiest phonemic awareness task? ›

The easiest level of phonological awareness is word play, or the syllable level. Remember, is the first time that students will focus on the sounds in a word versus the word meaning.

How do you make phonemic awareness fun? ›

Fun And Easy Phonemic Awareness Activities
  1. Guess-That-Word. If you'd like to give this activity a go, lay out a few items or pictures in front of your child. ...
  2. Mystery Bag. ...
  3. Clapping It Out. ...
  4. Make Some Noise! ...
  5. I-Spy With Words. ...
  6. Rhyme Matching Game. ...
  7. Make Your Own Rhyme. ...
  8. Drawing A Phonetic Alphabet.


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