Can Homeschoolers Take AP Classes?  (2023)

Did you know that Albert Einstein was homeschooled?

Yes, Albert Einstein was a gifted youth, but I am sure he did not have to study AP subjects!

Jokes apart, homeschooling provides flexibility that traditional education cannot. You can study whichever subject you want, when and what you want. But the introduction of APs has made it slightly complicated.

I know that sitting for AP exams is not mandatory but APs give their students a huge opportunity to study a subject in detail. At the same time, it strengthens your transcript, which, in turn, will be a gateway to your dream college.

If you are a homeschooler currently wondering, “Can homeschoolers take AP classes?” then the short answer is yes. Be you a high school student or a homeschooler, and you can take AP classes. But for a detailed response, keep reading forward!

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Is AP for Homeschoolers?

What are the Benefits of APs for Homeschoolers?

1. Support your Homeschool Transcript

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2. Help with College Applications

3. Extra College Credit

4. Study Subjects that you Love

How can Homeschoolers Prepare for AP subjects?

1. Contact your Nearest High School

2. Sign Up for an Online Advanced Placement Course

3. Self-Study for AP

How do Homeschoolers report AP scores in their transcript?

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Final Thoughts: Should Homeschoolers Take AP Classes?

Is AP for Homeschoolers?

Before getting into the crux of the subjects, you need to ask yourself whether enrolling in Advanced Placement is something you want. It would be best if you considered the following prerequisites to enroll in AP subjects:

Your interest: Your utmost motivation should be studying for your AP subjects and not strengthening your transcript. If you do not commit, then you will not do very well in your AP exams, and bad grades will do nothing to highlight your student application. AP exam scores matter!

Your Schedule: Take AP classes only if you can fit studying for APs into your schedule. You need to take a minimum of two hours everyday to explore one particular AP subject. If you enroll in more than one, you have to give in more time.

Finances: Enrolling in AP courses and then filling out the AP exam form is expensive. Do your due research in advance to understand whether your finances will allow you to take AP courses.

What are the Benefits of APs for Homeschoolers?

Advanced Placement courses have several benefits for regular students, as well as for homeschooled students. Let’s look at some of them that will help you decide whether APs will fit into your homeschooler routine:

1. Support your Homeschool Transcript

Do you believe that your homeschool grades are less critical than regular grades? Well, the good news is that college admissions will give equal precedence to both homeschooled and typical students.

But adding AP grades to your homeschool transcript will give it that extra oomph you are looking for! Since APs are conducted and graded by an external board, the scoring management will be consistent throughout the globe.

2. Help with College Applications

Adding APs to your homeschool transcript or any transcript will ensure that your application stands out from the rest. Taking AP classes proves that you have put in additional effort and time from your already busy schedule to go that extra mile to dedicate yourself to your AP subjects. Therefore, you will come across as a more devoted and committed student.

3. Extra College Credit

Getting good scores in AP translates to getting extra college credits. APs are college-level examination programs; therefore, they are similar to the introductory-level courses you will come across in college. It means you will be able to finish college faster than your peers!

4. Study Subjects that you Love

Taking AP classes not only challenges you intellectually, but you also get to study subjects you love in depth.

Keeping my mother’s words in mind, “Knowledge empowers people,” I will only advise you to take up AP subjects that will add the most value to your life by providing you with unbridled knowledge and happiness.

Do you want to know if you can get into college without AP as homeschooler?

Read Can you get into college Without AP Classes to know more.

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How can Homeschoolers Prepare for AP subjects?

Most high schools have their teachers or syllabus that they follow to prepare their students for APs. But when you are not enrolled in an institute, the situation gets slightly sticky!

However, you have nothing to worry about! I will tell you the ways you can follow to study for your Advanced Placement, keeping in mind the flexibility that the homeschool curriculum brings.

1. Contact your Nearest High School

Most high schools I have come across will allow homeschooled student to take their curated AP courses for a minimal fee. Therefore, you can check your nearest high school. Ask them if they would allow a homeschooled student to enroll in the AP courses at their campus. Thoroughly check their AP syllabus to understand whether that curriculum will better fit you.

If you get a positive vibe from the discussion and your scrutiny, then enroll in the AP course you will most enjoy studying.

2. Sign Up for an Online Advanced Placement Course

If you feel you cannot physically attend AP classes, there is another way out. The internet boom has brought lessons within the screens of your laptop and the comfort of your home.

Therefore, sit for a day and search the internet back and forth for the best AP classes you can register for. Check their demo classes, course outlines, and teacher proficiency to decide whether a particular educational platform will fit you.

Check out EnthuZiastic AP Courses to learn with the best teachers.

3. Self-Study for AP

If you prefer the flexibility of studying APs, you can also learn on your own. Check the official website of the College Board to look at the syllabus of the AP courses you have enrolled in. You can also take a sneak peek into the syllabus of other high schools that were kind enough to put it on the web to help students who had opted for self-study.

However, suppose you have enrolled in the STEM subjects like AP Physics, AP Biology, or AP Chemistry. In that case, you should take physical classes because of all the mandatory laboratory work you must do.

How do Homeschoolers report AP scores in their transcript?

  • Mention the AP grades, which are approved by the College Board only
  • Refrain from mentioning your AP grade if you have scored less than .
  • If you have taken any online classes on APs, then you can mention them as Honors courses


Do Ivy Schools accept homeschoolers?

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Homeschoolers and all other applicants are given a similar preference at Ivy Schools. But don’t forget to present your relevant information, such as your educational and personal information, in your application form.

Can homeschoolers get scholarships?

Yes, homeschoolers are considered scholarships because they are given similar opportunities to students attending public or private schools.

What percentage of homeschoolers go to college?

According to collected data, 67% of homeschoolers get into college.

Do homeschoolers have a GPA?

Yes, homeschoolers should have GPAs on their transcript. You will need it incredibly when filling out the Common Application.

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Can Homeschoolers Take AP Classes? (1)

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Final Thoughts: Should Homeschoolers Take AP Classes?

Dear homeschoolers, look at AP courses as subjects that will stimulate you intellectually rather than just study materials. Advanced Placement courses are not in presence only to aid you to get into the college of your dreams, but to give you a fulfilled knowledge about your favorite subject.

AP classes are for homeschooled students and high schoolers alike!

Therefore, don’t just think about “Can homeschoolers take AP classes?” but re-align it to “Should homeschoolers take AP classes?” Remember, at the end of the day, it is you who will sit for the AP exams. Therefore, take your time and think if AP classes are worth it!

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