Complete Machine Learning & Data Science Bootcamp 2022 (2023)

Learn Data Science, Data Analysis, Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence) and Python with Tensorflow, Pandas & more!


  • No prior experience is needed (not even Math and Statistics). We start from the very basics.
  • A computer (Linux/Windows/Mac) with internet connection.
  • Two paths for those that know programming and those that don’t.
  • All tools used in this course are free for you to use.


This is a top selling Machine Learning and Data Science course just updated this month with the latest trends and skills for 2022! Become a complete Data Scientist and Machine Learning engineer! Join a live online community of 600,000+ engineers and a course taught by industry experts that have actually worked for large companies in places like Silicon Valley and Toronto.Graduates of Andrei’s courses are now working at Google, Tesla, Amazon, Apple, IBM, JP Morgan, Facebook, + other top tech companies.You will go from zero to mastery!

Learn Data Science and Machine Learning from scratch, get hired, and have fun along the way with the most modern, up-to-date Data Science course on Udemy (we use the latest version of Python, Tensorflow 2.0 and other libraries). This course is focused on efficiency: never spend time on confusing, out of date, incomplete Machine Learning tutorials anymore.We are pretty confident that this is the most comprehensive and modern course you will find on the subject anywhere (bold statement, we know).

This comprehensive andproject based coursewill introduce you to all of the modern skills of a Data Scientist and along the way, we will build many real world projects to add to your portfolio.You will get access to all the code, workbooks and templates (Jupyter Notebooks) on Github, so that you can put them on your portfolio right away! We believe this course solves the biggest challenge to entering the Data Science and Machine Learning field:having all the necessary resources in one place and learning the latest trends and on the job skills that employers want.

The curriculum is going to be very hands on as we walk you from start to finish of becoming a professional Machine Learning and Data Science engineer.The course covers 2 tracks. If you already know programming, you can dive right in and skip the section where we teach you Python from scratch. If you are completely new, we take you from the very beginning and actually teach you Python and how to use it in the real world for our projects. Don’t worry, once we go through the basics like Machine Learning 101 and Python, we then get going into advanced topics like Neural Networks, Deep Learning and Transfer Learning so you can get real life practice and be ready for the real world(We show you fully fledged Data Science and Machine Learning projects and give you programming Resources and Cheatsheets)!

The topics covered in this course are:

– Data Exploration and Visualizations

– Neural Networks and Deep Learning

– Model Evaluation and Analysis

– Python 3

– Tensorflow 2.0

– Numpy

– Scikit-Learn

(Video) 🎥Udemy-Complete ML & Data Science Bootcamp 2021-Review

– Data Science and Machine Learning Projects and Workflows

– Data Visualization in Python with MatPlotLib and Seaborn

– Transfer Learning

– Image recognition and classification

– Train/Test and cross validation

– Supervised Learning: Classification, Regression and Time Series

– Decision Trees and Random Forests

– Ensemble Learning

– Hyperparameter Tuning

– Using PandasData Frames to solve complex tasks

– Use Pandasto handle CSV Files

– Deep Learning / Neural Networks with TensorFlow 2.0 and Keras

–Using Kaggle and entering Machine Learning competitions

– How to present your findings and impress your boss

– How to clean and prepare your data for analysis

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– K Nearest Neighbours

– Support VectorMachines

– Regression analysis (Linear Regression/Polynomial Regression)

– How Hadoop, Apache Spark, Kafka, and Apache Flink are used

– Setting up your environment with Conda, MiniConda, and Jupyter Notebooks

– Using GPUs with Google Colab

By the end of this course, you will be a complete Data Scientist that can get hired at large companies. We are going to use everything we learn in the course tobuild professional real world projects like Heart Disease Detection, Bulldozer Price Predictor, Dog Breed Image Classifier, and many more. By the end, you will have a stack of projects you have built that you can show off to others.

Here’s the truth: Most courses teach you DataScience and do just that. They show you how to get started. But the thing is, you don’t know where to go from there or how to build your own projects. Or they show you a lot of code and complex math on the screen, but they don’t really explain things well enough for you to go off on your own and solve real life machine learning problems.

Whether you are new to programming, or want to level up your Data Science skills, or are coming from a different industry, this course is for you. This course is not about making you just code along without understanding the principles so that when you are done with the course you don’t know what to do other than watch another tutorial. No!This course will push you and challenge you to go from an absolute beginner with no Data Science experience, to someone that can go off, forget about Daniel and Andrei, and build their own Data Science and Machine learning workflows.

Machine Learning has applications in Business Marketing and Finance, Healthcare, Cybersecurity, Retail, Transportation and Logistics, Agriculture, Internet of Things, Gaming and Entertainment, Patient Diagnosis, Fraud Detection, Anomaly Detection in Manufacturing, Government, Academia/Research, Recommendation Systems and so much more. The skills learned in this course are going to give you a lot of options for your career.

You hear statements like Artificial Neural Network, or Artificial Intelligence (AI), and by the end of this course, you will finally understand what these mean!

Click “Enroll Now” and join others in our community to get a leg up in the industry, and learn Data Scientist and Machine Learning. We guarantee this is better than any bootcamp or online course out there on the topic. See you inside the course!

Taught By:

Daniel Bourke:

A self-taught Machine Learning Engineer who lives on the internet with an uncurable desire to take long walks and fill up blank pages.

My experience in machine learning comes from working at one of Australia’s fastest-growing artificial intelligence agencies, Max Kelsen.

I’ve worked on machine learning and data problems across a wide range of industries including healthcare, eCommerce, finance, retail and more.

(Video) The Data Science Course 2022: Complete Data Science Bootcamp

Two of my favourite projects include building a machine learning model to extract information from doctors notes for one of Australia’s leading medical research facilities, as well as building a natural language model to assess insurance claims for one of Australia’s largest insurance groups.

Due to the performance of the natural language model (a model which reads insurance claims and decides which party is at fault), the insurance company were able to reduce their daily assessment load by up to 2,500 claims.

My long-term goal is to combine my knowledge of machine learning and my background in nutrition to work towards answering the question “what should I eat?”.

Aside from building machine learning models on my own, I love writing about and making videos on the process. My articles and videos on machine learning on Medium, personal blog and YouTube have collectively received over 5-million views.

I love nothing more than a complicated topic explained in an entertaining and educative matter. I know what it’s like to try and learn a new topic, online and on your own. So I pour my soul into making sure my creations are accessible as possible.

My modus operandi (a fancy term for my way of doing things) is learning to create and creating to learn. If you know the Japanese word for this concept, please let me know.

Questions are always welcome.


Andrei is the instructor of thehighest rated Development courses on Udemy as well asone of the fastestgrowing.His graduates havemovedon to work forsome of the biggest techcompanies around the world like Apple, Google, Amazon, JP Morgan, IBM, UNIQLO etc…Hehasbeen working as a senior software developer inSilicon Valley and Toronto for many years,andis now taking all that he has learned,to teachprogramming skills andto help youdiscover the amazing career opportunities that being a developer allows inlife.

Having beena self taught programmer,he understands that there is anoverwhelming number of online courses, tutorials and booksthat are overly verbose and inadequate at teaching proper skills.Most people feel paralyzed and don’t know where to start when learning a complex subject matter, or even worse, most people don’t have $20,000 to spend on a coding bootcamp.Programming skills should be affordable and open to all. An education materialshould teach real life skills that are current andthey should not waste a student’s valuable time. Having learned importantlessons from working for Fortune 500 companies, tech startups, to evenfounding his own business, he is now dedicating 100% of his time toteaching others valuablesoftware development skillsin order to take control of their life and work in an exciting industry with infinite possibilities.

Andrei promises you that there are no other courses out there as comprehensive and as well explained.He believes that in order to learn anything of value, you need to start with the foundation and develop the roots of the tree. Only from there will you be able to learn concepts and specific skills(leaves) that connect to the foundation. Learning becomes exponential when structured in this way.

Taking his experience in educational psychology and coding, Andrei’s courses will take you on an understanding of complex subjects that you never thought would be possible.

See you inside the course!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone with zero experience (or beginner/junior) who wants to learn Machine Learning, Data Science and Python
  • You are a programmer that wants to extend their skills into Data Science and Machine Learning to make yourself more valuable
  • Anyone who wants to learn these topics from industry experts that don’t only teach, but have actually worked in the field
  • You’re looking for one single course to teach you about Machine learning and Data Science and get you caught up to speed with the industry
  • You want to learn the fundamentals and be able to truly understand the topics instead of just watching somebody code on your screen for hours without really “getting it”
  • You want to learn to use Deep learning and Neural Networks with your projects
  • You want to add value to your own business or company you work for, by using powerful Machine Learning tools.

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Is bootcamp worth it for data science? ›

Yes, data science bootcamps and courses are an increasingly worthwhile investment. Because many organizations now value demonstrable skills and experience over mere credentialism, enrollment in data science bootcamps—with their emphasis on focused, hands-on, immersive learning—has surged.

How can I learn machine learning in 2022? ›

  1. 7 Steps to Mastering Machine Learning with Python in 2022. ...
  2. Step 1: Learn Programming for Machine Learning. ...
  3. Step 2: Data Collection and Pre-Processing in Python. ...
  4. Step 3: Data Analysis in Python. ...
  5. Step 4: Machine Learning with Python. ...
  6. Step 5: Machine Learning Algorithms In Depth. ...
  7. Step 6: Deep Learning. ...
  8. Step 7: Projects.

Which bootcamp is best for data science? ›

The 27 Best Data Science Bootcamps:
  • allWomen4.92 Reviews:24. Barcelona. ...
  • BrainStation4.7 Reviews:1210. Established School. ...
  • Clarusway4.96 Reviews:329. Online, Wolfenbüttel, Washington. ...
  • Codeup4.59 Reviews:69. ...
  • Coding Temple4.94 Reviews:274. ...
  • Colaberry4.76 Reviews:137. ...
  • Correlation One4.94 Reviews:480. ...
  • General Assembly4.31 Reviews:589.
8 Aug 2022

Is DataCamp Good for machine learning? ›

DataCamp ( is certainly a good website where you can learn lots of different skills from basic programming concepts to advance skills such as data science and machine learning.

Is python required for data science? ›

Is Python Necessary in the data science field? It's possible to work as a data scientist using either Python or R. Each language has its strengths and weaknesses. Both are widely used in the industry.

Can you get a job after a coding bootcamp? ›

Will a coding bootcamp get you a job? Most bootcamp grads find employment within six months after graduating, but the job market holds no guarantees. Success in a job search can depend on many factors, such as location, past experience, interview skills, and specialization.

Which degree is best for machine learning? ›

Master's degrees in data science, computer science, software engineering or the like, and even a Ph. D. in machine learning would provide a great many options for machine learning engineers.

Should I learn ml in 2022? ›

Machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence dedicated to the design of algorithms capable of learning from data. It has numerous applications, including business analytics, health informatics, financial forecasting, and self-driving cars. In 2022, machine learning skills are widely in-demand.

Can I learn machine learning without coding? ›

Traditional Machine Learning requires students to know software programming, which enables them to write machine learning algorithms. But in this groundbreaking Udemy course, you'll learn Machine Learning without any coding whatsoever. As a result, it's much easier and faster to learn!

Are there any free data science bootcamps? ›

Udacity | Intro to Data Science

This free, self-paced program from Udacity is taught by industry professionals, and covers four foundational topics in data science over the course of two months. The program takes a broad approach to the topics treated.

Are Datacamp courses worth it? ›

It is a great option for someone who is new to the world of data science. One thing that makes its stand out from other platforms is its Career and Skill tracks. It is definitely worth a try if you are looking to improve skills or a new career in data science and analytics.

How long is data science bootcamp? ›

Data science bootcamps are intensive 3- to 6-month programs and prepare graduates for entry-level and junior data science jobs.

Which is better DataCamp or udemy? ›

If we compare Udemy vs DataCamp, it's evident that Udemy has higher value for money than DataCamp. Talking about the overall quality of content & learning material, if we compare Udemy vs DataCamp, we can see that better content quality is offered by Udemy.

Is a DataCamp certificate worth anything? ›

Are DataCamp certificates worth it? DataCamp certificates are 100% worth it. Like other certificates, DataCamp certificates will help you prove that you can conduct some machine learning and data analysis tasks. They can be helpful to put on your resume when you are looking for a job.

Is DataCamp enough to get a job? ›

No, finishing a DataCamp course is not going to be enough to get a job in the tech industry. DataCamp is a great place for people who have no experience to start learning how to code.

Should I learn R or Python first? ›

Both Python and R are considered fairly easy languages to learn. Python was originally designed for software development. If you have previous experience with Java or C++, you may be able to pick up Python more naturally than R. If you have a background in statistics, on the other hand, R could be a bit easier.

Should I learn SQL or Python first? ›

One thing to remember is that SQL is a big first step to some more complex languages (Python, R, JavaScript, etc.). Once you understand how a computer thinks, it is easy to learn a new programming language to analyze your data.

Should I learn R or Python for data science? ›

Free to download for everyone, both languages are well suited for data science tasks — from data manipulation and automation to business analysis and big data exploration. The main difference is that Python is a general-purpose programming language, while R has its roots in statistical analysis.

Does Google Hire bootcamp grads? ›

Yes, Google hires bootcamp graduates in a wide variety of positions across its organization. The Google career page states that you do not need a computer science degree for every single Google role. Some roles you can get fresh out of bootcamp, and some require more practical experience in the technology industry.

Does Amazon hire from bootcamps? ›

Graduates from the top coding bootcamps can access careers at tech companies of all sizes. The Big Five tech companies — Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and Amazon — all have a history of hiring bootcamp graduates.

Are coding bootcamps worth it 2022? ›

Coding bootcamps are only worth it if you're willing to put in the work and take responsibility for learning the skills and conducting your job search afterward. These programs will teach you and help you, but they're not going to carry you through everything.

Can you become a data scientist through a bootcamp? ›

For working adults, individuals with an unrelated undergraduate degree, or motivated hobbyists, a data science bootcamp presents an appealing option to start on your path into the field. These courses take anywhere from 3 to 6 months — and while they are short, they are thorough and intensive.

Are code bootcamps worth it? ›

Coding bootcamps are worth it for students who need to learn a specific skill quickly. Employers generally regard these programs positively, but want more accountability. Bootcamps are not regionally or nationally accredited. A coding bootcamp does not replicate the depth or scope of a computer science degree.

How long is data science bootcamp? ›

Data science bootcamps are intensive 3- to 6-month programs and prepare graduates for entry-level and junior data science jobs.

Is MIT applied data science program worth it? ›

I would recommend it to anyone who wants to upskill and succeed in the AI/Data Science field. MIT professors gave a high-level overview on the theory side of different algorithms and approached explanations with examples.

What is the best data science bootcamp for beginners? ›

Best Data Science Bootcamps to Learn Data Science
  • Simplilearn. 4.4/5. (1295 reviews) Learn more. ...
  • Flatiron School. 4.7/5. (1030 reviews) ...
  • Le Wagon. 4.9/5. (999 reviews) ...
  • 4.8/5. (878 reviews) Learn more. ...
  • Springboard. 4.6/5. (546 reviews) ...
  • General Assembly. 4.5/5. (466 reviews) ...
  • Clarusway. 4.9/5. (350 reviews) ...
  • Coding Dojo. 4.4/5. (303 reviews)

Is data science better than programming? ›

Some people compare career paths like data science vs programming because both require analysis and programming experience. But data science careers have a far greater emphasis on analytical elements, while programming has a far greater emphasis on developing proficiency working with multiple programming languages.

Are there any free data science bootcamps? ›

Udacity | Intro to Data Science

This free, self-paced program from Udacity is taught by industry professionals, and covers four foundational topics in data science over the course of two months. The program takes a broad approach to the topics treated.

Do companies hire from coding bootcamps? ›

Common jobs for coding bootcamp grads include positions in web development and cybersecurity. Many bootcamps offer career services and partnerships with large tech employers. Many employers view bootcamp graduates as sufficiently trained job candidates.

What is the most respected coding bootcamp? ›

Best Bootcamps for Coding
  • Flatiron School. Based in New York, the Flatiron School boasts nine locations across the U.S., along with a virtual campus. ...
  • Fullstack Academy. ...
  • Hack Reactor. ...
  • Lambda School. ...
  • App Academy. ...
  • Thinkful. ...
  • Springboard. ...
  • General Assembly.

Is a coding bootcamp worth it in 2022? ›

It helps you build a foundation in a particular set of programming languages that you can use immediately in an entry-level role. So coding bootcamps are still a great investment for launching a tech career. And you can learn more and more over time after landing your first job.

What is the best certification for data science? ›

Top 10 Data Science Certifications for 2022
  • Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)
  • Dell EMC Data Science Track (EMCDS)
  • SAS Certified Data Scientist.
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate.
  • Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) Data Analyst.
  • Cloudera Certified Professional (CCP) Data Engineer.
22 Jul 2022

How much do data scientists make? ›

Despite a recent influx of early-career professionals, the median starting salary for a data scientist remains high at $95,000. Mid-level data scientist salary. The median salary for a mid-level data scientist is $130,000. If this data scientist is also in a managerial role, the median salary rises to $195,000.

How can I learn data science without a degree? ›

How to Learn Data Science Without a Data Science Degree?
  1. Study the Data Science Fundamentals. ...
  2. Practice Programming for Data Science. ...
  3. Build Your Portfolio with Data Science Projects. ...
  4. Participate in Data Science Competitions. ...
  5. Volunteer for Data Science Tasks. ...
  6. Create A Data Science Resume.
28 Jun 2022


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