Tipalti Review – 2023 Pricing, Features, Shortcomings (2023)

Tipalti Review – 2023 Pricing, Features, Shortcomings (1)


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Tipalti At A Glance

Good: Flexible features that support companies with multiple locations or brands, self-service supplier onboarding portal that reduces data entry for AP staff, early payment functionality.

Bad: Other accounting features is not offered.

Bottom Line: Accounts payable solution that automates processes so accounting and finance teams can focus on strategic initiatives.

Product Overview

Tipalti is an accounts payable (AP) solution that automates a company’s invoicing and payment processes. The AP process is streamlined, which improves productivity and frees up time for accounting and finance teams to focus on other initiatives. Users also won’t have to worry about inaccurate data or payment errors.


Tipalti has a multi-entity architecture that supports companies with multiple locations, brands, business units and AP workflows. It has flexible features, such as multiple currencies, multiple payment methods, unlimited number of entities supported and automatic data consolidation. Tipalti scales across the enterprise, so businesses can expand their AP operations without adding more resources.

Tipalti has several additional benefits, including:

  • Real-time payment reconciliation and multiple layers of data extraction eliminates use of spreadsheets
  • Improved relationships with suppliers and vendors as Tipalti offers them a self-service onboarding portal and early payment functionality
  • Reduced risk of financial and non-compliance issues due to Tipalti’s features preventing fraud and keeping companies updated on regulation and other changes


Tipalti includes these following modules:

Supplier management – The supplier management module is an onboarding self-service portal where vendors, suppliers and other payees provide payment, contact and other information upfront. The supplier also has access to payment history and status, which eliminates the need for a company’s AP department to research payment issues.

Companies have the choice of either hosting the portal via a white-labeled iFrame or having Tipalti host it. The portal can be customized to reflect the payer’s brand.

Tipalti automatically assigns unique vendor IDs to prevent duplicates. It also has a proprietary rules engine that’s driven by 26,000 global rules and identifies any payment errors before payments are made. The module supports international payments and up to 11 languages.

Finally, there’s a tax form selection wizard that allows the supplier to select and fill out the correct tax form. The software then verifies that appropriate details are accurate.

Tax compliance – This module helps companies stay in compliance with tax and other regulatory bodies. It integrates with the supplier management portal, so suppliers can fill out the requested W-9 or W-8 forms before receiving payment. The tax form collection process is automated, so there’s no paper scanning, emailing or signatures required. The software calculates the 1099 and 1042-S year-end tax forms, as well as the correct withholding. And finally, Tipalti includes Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) matching.

Invoice management – When a supplier emails or uploads invoices, Tipalti scans and captures the data. Using built-in optical character recognition (OCR), the software extracts and pre-populates the data. It also looks for any data changes and stores this information for future use.

Other features are automatic PO matching, coding and approval prediction, scheduling batch invoices for payment and automatic reconciliation of supplier payments. It also has configurable workflows that support unlimited invoice approvers and multi-tier approvals.

Global payouts – The global payment system supports 196 countries in 120 currencies across six payment methods. The AP staff can pay multiple vendors in bulk from a single screen rather than individual bank portals. They simply upload their payment files into Tipalti, which automatically remits all payments. Payment data is then reconciled and sent to a company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Tipalti takes care of any regulatory screening before every outbound payment to prevent fraudulent payments. It screens the payee and transaction against the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) databases for any blacklists or sanctions.

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Tipalti also provides payment transparency to the suppliers, such as informing them if a payment fails or a tax form isn’t successfully uploaded.

NetNow (early payments) – Tipalti NetNow offers early payment functionality, where companies can pay their suppliers earlier in exchange for a discount on payment. The AP staff can determine which suppliers (either individually or in bulk) to offer this option, the discount and the deadline from the software. The software calculates the offer based on the payment due date on the invoice. The supplier accepts the offer via the self-service portal.

An additional benefit of this feature is that the company can increase its revenue by receiving a referral fee from Tipalti for every dollar that’s paid early.

Payment reconciliation – In this module, users consolidate multiple entities, locations, accounts or payment methods in one report. Users can drill down into transaction details and filter reports by date, account or payment. The software integrates with ERP or accounting systems so payment details automatically go in those systems without manual data entry. Reports are also downloadable to Excel for further analysis.

Target Market

Tipalti targets mid-market companies, especially multi-entity companies or companies that need to pay suppliers or send money internationally. Some of its clients are in digital industries, such as media, online marketplaces, affiliate marketing or ad technology.

We’ve listed several of Tipalti’s clients below:

  • Cloudflare
  • Foursquare
  • Godaddy
  • GoPro
  • Houzz
  • Nikon
  • Roku
  • Twitter
  • Uber
  • Vimeo

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New clients work with Tipalti’s dedicated implementation and customer success management teams on software deployment. Depending on the complexity of the project, the timeline runs from 20 minutes to a couple of weeks.

Tipalti has a five-stage implementation methodology that consists of:

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  • Prepare – Tipalti and the new client go over any technical requirements, onboarding plans and end-to-end workflows. The client has the opportunity to test Tipalti in a sandbox environment.
  • Implement – Tipalti sets up the hosting portal, sets up a sample payment file and configures any banking and other integrations. Weekly status calls are conducted at this stage.
  • Train – Tipalti provides in-depth training on all of its features.
  • Launch – The software goes live. Tipalti provides assistance in payee onboarding and troubleshooting issues.
  • Optimize – The customer success team works with the client on long-term goals, issues and best practices with the software.

Tipalti has pre-built integrations to accounting and ERP systems, such as NetSuite and QuickBooks Online. It also has a full-featured API that handles complex data sources. In addition, it includes pre-built performance marketing integrations, such as HitPath and Paladin, for digital media companies.

Customer Service & Support

Tipalti provides phone, email and knowledge base support.


Tipalti’s pricing varies based on clients’ needs and which features they require. Please contact the vendor directly for a quote.

Tipalti Review – 2023 Pricing, Features, Shortcomings (3)

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Tipalti mainly focuses on accounts payables, so it doesn’t offer other accounting features. But it can integrate with other accounting or enterprise resource planning systems.



Tipalti began as an opportunity to help digital media networks streamline mass payments to global publishers. It quickly adapted to assisting with remitting global partners in the digital economy (freelancer networks, online marketplaces, etc.) and also serves companies who need to process and pay bills.

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Before Tipalti, there was no technology available to help companies manage their cross-border, B2B mass payments at scale. Instead, most businesses were forced to hire additional staff – in effect, paying people to pay people.

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How much does Tipalti charge? ›

Our partner payment platform Tipalti charges a fee for each transaction, which is automatically deducted from the payout. Vydia does not charge any additional fees for payments.
What are the fees for the payments?
ACH (US only)USD $1.15
Foreign Exchange Rate2.50%
8 more rows

Is Tipalti inc legit? ›

Tipalti is a reliable software for small business

We use Tipalti as a invoice processing system to support our major accounting system Netsuite.

How long does Tipalti take to pay? ›

Tipalti will usually process the payment within 1-3 hours after this happens for Payoneer payments (24-48 hours for ACH, Wire Transfers and PayPal). However, sometimes it can take up to 48 hours for a PayPal or Payoneer payment to fully clear.

What is Tipalti used for? ›

Tipalti is a global partner payment automation system and accounts payable software to manage, execute and reconcile the entire process of making outbound payments to partners and suppliers.

How much does payment processing cost? ›

The average credit card processing fee per transaction is 1.3% to 3.5%.

Which payment gateway has less charges? ›

What makes Paytm Payment Gateway the cheapest option is the MDR waiver for UPI payments. While other Indian payment gateways charge a certain fixed MDR on UPI transactions, with Paytm Payment Gateway there is no fee on UPI as well as RuPay cards.

Is Tipalti an Israeli company? ›

Headquartered in Israel, Tipalti has offices in San Mateo, London, Plano (Texas) and Toronto, and employs over 700 people worldwide.

What companies use Tipalti? ›

Thousands of companies, such as Amazon Twitch, GoDaddy, Roku, Automattic and ZipRecruiter use Tipalti to reduce operational workload by 80% and accelerate the financial close by 25%, while strengthening financial controls and spend visibility.

How many companies use Tipalti? ›

We're helping over 2,500 customers paying to over 4 million suppliers. With a 98% retention rate, Tipalti is the best-reviewed payables automation platform for growing businesses.

What is the Tipalti threshold? ›

To be eligible to receive payments via Tipalti you need to have at least 200,000 views in the last 30 days.

How do I withdraw money from Tipalti? ›

In order to withdraw your earnings, you will need to fill out a tax form on the Tipalti platform, who will then validate your information. To access the form, log into your LANDR account, head over to the LANDR Distribution dashboard, click on “My money” and “Withdraw”.

Does Tipalti work with PayPal? ›

Payees who work with our customers can also choose to get paid in local currency directly to their PayPal account during the Tipalti onboarding process. The process is simple, and, in a matter of clicks, thousands of suppliers can be paid via PayPal regardless of the currency selected.

Who is the owner of Tipalti? ›

Chen Amit is the CEO and Co-Founder at Tipalti .

How old is Tipalti? ›

Tipalti was founded in 2010 by Chen Amit and Oren Zeev and launched its first payment product in 2011. The company is a licensed money transmitter in every state that requires it in the United States, including California, New York, and Texas.

Is Tipalti a payment processor? ›

Global payment processors like Tipalti take extra measures to ensure every cross-border payment is processed quickly. Even when a transaction is declined, it can be sent to a different acquiring bank for processing.

How do I avoid payment processing fees? ›

6 best practices to reduce credit card processing fees
  1. Choose the right pricing models. ...
  2. Negotiate the markup fee with credit card processors. ...
  3. Reduce the risk of credit card fraud. ...
  4. Use an address verification service. ...
  5. Set up your merchant account and terminal properly. ...
  6. Get payment processing from your POS provider.
Oct 26, 2022

How much is a 3.5% processing fee? ›

Credit card processing fees will typically cost a business 1.5% to 3.5% of each transaction's total. For a sale of $100, that means you could pay $1.50 to $3.50 in credit card fees.

Why is payment processing so expensive? ›

High Risk Processing

If your business is in the "high-risk" category, it's certain that you will have higher processing rates. If a processing company thinks you may lose them money, they'll charge you more to offset the risk. High-risk businesses can include: Industries with a high risk of chargebacks and fraud.

What payment app does not charge a fee? ›

PayPal is our pick for best overall payment app. It offers a user-friendly interface, strong security, and there are no fees for sending money to family and friends.

Which payment platform is best? ›

NerdWallet's Best Payment Gateways of 2023
  • Stripe: Best for Overall payment gateway.
  • Adyen: Best for Omnichannel option.
  • Helcim: Best for Interchange-plus pricing for businesses of all sizes.
  • PayPal Payflow: Best for Doing everything in one place.
  • Square: Best for If you also have a storefront.
Feb 6, 2023

Which payment system is best? ›

Answer: Fondy, PayPal, Authorize.Net, Stripe, 2Checkout, and Adyen are the top 5 best online payment gateway providers. They offer numerous beneficial features that can help in increasing sales by easing up the checkout process and offering your customers several payment options, in various currencies.

Is Tipalti a unicorn? ›

Fintech unicorn Tipalti quadruples valuation to $8.3 billion in $270 million Series F.

Is Tipalti going public? ›

Tipalti CEO says the payments software startup is ready for a recession, but isn't going public anytime soon. Tipalti CEO Chen Amit said the San Mateo company is well positioned for a recession, given that it helps supplier customers handle their payments more efficiently.

Which is the best payment gateway in the world? ›

Which payment gateway is best?
  • Stripe: Best overall payment gateway.
  • Adyen: Best omnichannel option.
  • Helcim: Best interchange plus pricing for businesses of all sizes.
  • PayPal: Best for doing everything in one place.
  • Square: Best if you also have a storefront.
  • Braintree: Best to accept a variety of payment types.
Jul 18, 2022

Which payment gateway is popular in USA? ›

Launched in 1999, PayPal is one of the most widely used payment gateways in the USA and around the world for both debit and credit payments. Although your customers aren't required to pay anything for using PayPal, you, the store owner, have to pay a small transaction fee of 2.9% and $0.50 per credit card transaction.

Which is the single largest retail payment system in the country? ›

Unified Payments Interface or the UPI service is the single largest retail payment system in the country in terms of volume of transactions, according to the Economic Survey tabled in Parliament ahead of Union Budget 2022.

What countries does Tipalti pay to? ›

Tipalti supports SEPA payments to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Denmark, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Sweden, United Kingdom, ...

Is Tipalti a SaaS company? ›

Tipalti Solutions, Inc. provides a SaaS-based platform. The Companies platform automates the entire mass global payments operations process, allowing users to pay any vendor, partner, and customers across world while ensuring all tax and regulatory requirements are met.

How much do payment gateways charge per transaction? ›

Discount Rate for Transactions

The Transaction Discount Rate (TDR) or Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) is the price that the payment gateway charges for the processing transaction fees to their bank account. It is usually a predetermined percentage charge like 2% tax per transaction based on the customer's payment mode.

What is the average cost of a ACH payment? ›

Nacha doesn't set the fees associated with ACH payments, so the cost depends on the bank or payment processor you use. Some processors charge a flat fee, which typically ranges from $0.20 to $1.50 per transaction. Others may charge a percentage of the transaction amount, and this generally falls between 0.5% to 1.5%.

How much does it cost to send EFT? ›

Not only are customers provided with more ways to pay, but businesses also add more to the bottom line with EFT processing costs as little as $0.50 per transaction.

Why do payment gateways charge so much? ›

FAQs. Why do payment gateway charges have to be paid? Payment gateway charges or payment fees help the service providers cover various costs such as software maintenance, payment security, and other operational costs.

How do I avoid payment gateway fees? ›

6 best practices to reduce credit card processing fees
  1. Choose the right pricing models. ...
  2. Negotiate the markup fee with credit card processors. ...
  3. Reduce the risk of credit card fraud. ...
  4. Use an address verification service. ...
  5. Set up your merchant account and terminal properly. ...
  6. Get payment processing from your POS provider.
Oct 26, 2022

Is a 3% transaction fee a lot? ›

While 3% may not sound like a whole lot, these fees can really add up over the course of an extended trip. For every $1,000 you spend, you'll be paying $30 in foreign transaction fees.

How do you avoid ACH fees? ›

Setting up automatic monthly payments is one way you can prevent ACH transfer fees. You might also consider using Zelle or a payment app like Venmo to send money to family and friends. Additionally, if you are going to transfer money often, you may want to compare the fees charged by different banks.

How do you avoid ACH charges? ›

How Do You Stop an ACH Payment? If you've authorized ACH payments that you want to stop, you have a legal right to revoke your authorization. To do so, call or write the biller to request that they stop taking automatic payments. Let your bank or credit union know, too, by writing a letter.

What are the disadvantages of ACH payments? ›

Disadvantages of ACH Transfers
  • Per-transaction limits.
  • Daily Limits.
  • Amount.
  • Monthly limits.
  • Weekly limits.
Feb 16, 2021

What is the 7 day limit for e-transfer? ›

Sending money via e-Transfer: The minimum Interac e-Transfer transaction is $0.01 and a maximum is $3,000. There are also hourly and daily limits: For any 24-hour period, you can send up to $3,000. For any 7-day period, you can send up to $10,000.

Are EFT transfers free? ›

There might be a fee for some EFT transactions. For example, you might have to pay for certain ATM transactions. However, other transactions might be free.

Why do I get charged for e transfers? ›

It's free to receive and deposit an Interac e-Transfer. Sending one costs $1-$1.50 at the majority of banks and credit unions, but may be included as part of your monthly banking package. The fee will be deducted from your bank account, not from the amount you're transferring.

Is a disadvantage of payment gateway? ›

The benefit for retailers here is that the gateway is responsible for the security of the transaction and the customer's data. One possible drawback is that, since it takes customers away from the site, it can harm conversion rates. The customer may not be expecting this or may not trust the gateway.

Which bank is best for payment gateway? ›

12 best payment gateways in India
  • CashFree. Cashfree, as a gateway solution, has several eCommerce CMS systems, integrations, and low usage fees that add to its credibility. ...
  • Razor pay. Razor pay let its customers seamlessly conduct automated payments. ...
  • Paytm. ...
  • PayPal. ...
  • PayU. ...
  • Ippopay. ...
  • Bill desk. ...
  • CCAvenue.
Feb 10, 2023

What's the difference between a payment gateway and a payment provider? ›

A payment gateway is a system that collects and verifies a customer's credit card information before sending it to the payment processor. A payment processor, on the other hand, is a service that routes a customer's credit card information between your point-of-sale system and the customer's card network or bank.


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