Top 40 Construction Companies In South Africa - Construction Companies South Africa (2022)

We have compiled a list of the top 40 ranked construction companies in South Africa in the main search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. When doing a search for construction companies or list of construction companies in SA then these 40 results comes up in the search engine results pages.

Our company listed the top South Africa construction companies list not in particular order, or size or revenue, but search engine position in the major search engines.

List of Top Construction Companies in South Africa

1. CSV Construction South Africa
Civil Engineering & General Construction,Township infrastructure, Bulk earthworks, Major pipelines, Storm water infrastructure, Sewerage.

2. Power Group
Civil & building contractors, Property Developers, Consistently ranked among the top construction companies in South Africa.

3. Fikile Construction
Fikile Construction is one of the largest black-owned, managed and controlled construction companies in South Africa.

4. Concor Construction
Concor (formerly Murray & Roberts Construction) is a diversified infrastructure and services construction company, with core competencies in the infrastructure, building, mining and property development sectors.

5. TEMI Construction
TEMI Construction is 50% woman-owned and is a 100% black-owned construction company in South Africa. We’re a full-service construction, building and civil engineering.

6. Motheo Construction Group
Motheo Construction Group, a leading predominantly black-owned Level 1 B-BBEE construction company.

7. Stefanutti Stocks
Stefanutti Stocks is one of South Africa’s leading construction group with over 7 000 employees and the capacity to deliver a range of projects of any scale to a multitude of clients in diverse markets.

8. Esor Construction
Esor is one of South Africa’s benchmark civil engineering and construction groups. Esor had previously been one of AltX’s top performing companies for three years.

9. Reubex Group Limited
Raubex is one of South Africa’s leading infrastructure development and construction materials supply groups, celebrating over 40 years in the construction industry since it was established in 1974. Raubex listed on the JSE in March 2007 and operates across South Africa as well as throughout southern Africa.

10. Isipani Construction
Isipani Construction (Pty) Ltd is building contractors and property developers specializing in commercial, retail, industrial etc construction.

11. WBHO Construction South Africa
Today the group is one of the largest construction companies in Southern Africa and is listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange.

12. Hillary Construction
Hillary Construction Group engage in the control of civil engineering projects specialising in roads, earthworks, steel reinforced concrete structures and associated activities as well as the manufacturing and supply of surfacing products and emulsions for supply to the industry.

13. Mamonyane Construction
Mamonyane Construction CC is a well established black-owned enterprise that provides turnkey construction management and property development solutions to private and public-sector clients.

14. Trencon Construction (Pty) Ltd
Trencon is 100% Black-owned with CIDB ratings of 9GB and 9CE. Furthermore Trencon is a Level 1 B-BBEE contributor and an Empowering Supplier in terms of the DTI’s Codes of Good Practice. With over 20 years of experience, a highly skilled management team as well as over 600 staff, Trencon has established itself as one of the leading South African construction companies today.

15. Ivecon Projects
Ivecon Projects is a home construction company in Johannesburg, specialising in the construction of middle and up-market housing, and property development.

16. Iguana Projects
Iguana Projects (Pty) Ltd was founded 1997 and service include building construction and turnkey developments.

17. Sebedisan
We have finished construction and civil projects across South Africa timeously and efficiently.

18. Doron
Doron Construction is a Construction Company specialising in Civil Construction.

19. WCB Construction
WCB Construction is the largest 100% black youth-owned company, which is fast becoming one of the leaders in its industry.

20. JVZ Construction
Quality Civil Construction Services. As a medium-sized civil construction company we carry out a wide range of civil construction works.

21. Gothic Construction
Our company undertakes Commercial, Retail , Residential and Industrial building contracts as well as alterations in the Gauteng area.

22. Group Five
A diversified construction, infrastructure concessions and services group.

23. Dewing Construction
Established in 1981 Dewing Construction Pty (Ltd) is one of the leading Construction Companies in the Eastern Cape. We are registered as a Level 8GB Contractor, and a 5CE Contractor and have being a Member of the MBA (Master Builders Association) for over 30 years. We are the Main Contractors!

24. Radon Projects
Radon Projects is a South African Construction and Civil Engineering Company originally founded in 1990.

25. Lubbe Construction (Pty) Ltd
LUBBE CONSTRUCTION (PTY) LTD is located in GERMISTON, Gauteng, South Africa and is part of the Residential Construction Contractors Industry.

26. WK Construction (Pty) Ltd
Is one of the largest independent construction and engineering companies in southern Africa, Our primary market offering includes pipeline construction, trenchless technology construction, township roads and infrastructure development, general roads and earthworks, concrete structures, crushing and screening operations. Additionally, we specialise in developing, operating and constructing hydroelectric power stations.

27. Aveng
Aveng now operates in steel, engineering, manufacturing, mining, concessions, public infrastructure and water treatment.

28. GD Irons Construction
Irons Construction Pty (Ltd) is one of the leading Construction Companies in South Africa. We specialize in the commercial and industrial sector.

29. Ivecon Projects
Ivecon Projects is a home construction company in Johannesburg, specialising in the construction of middle and up-market housing, and property development.

30. Edwin Construction
EDWIN CONSTRUCTION is a South African owned and managed multi-disciplinary construction company that was established in 1997.

31. Renov8 Construction
As far as construction companies in Cape Town go, we are a top service provider in commercial and residential sectors.

32. Nejeni Construction and Project Management (Pty) Ltd
Nejeni has emerged into the Civil Engineering playing field as a dynamic, reliable, innovative and quality focused company.

33. RINOMA Construction
RINOMA Construction is a dynamic 100% black owned construction company based in East London, Eastern Cape. Ithas been involved in the Building and Civil Construction industry since 2002 and has built a reputation for producing top quality workmanship on time and in budget.

34. Lemay
Through the establishment of our own compliment of companies, we can provide our existing and prospective clients with a broad spectrum of integrated highly specialised skills in the retail, commercial, industrial and residential sectors of the construction and property industry at a cost-effective price.

35. GIBB
GIBB is one of South Africa’s leading multi-disciplinary engineering consulting companies with a solid footprint on the African continent. The company is a wholly owned South African entity through a legacy that spans over 60 years. The company offers design, planning and management services across the entire engineering consultancy spectrum.

36. Tau Pele Construction (Pty) Ltd
Tau Pele specialises in the construction of new roads and the rehabilitation of existing ones. While the company focuses on major national and provincial arterial roads and urban highways, its expertise extends to the development of urban infrastructure, as well as selected industrial projects.

37. Nsovo Construction
Nsovo Construction has been involved in the construction industry for a number of years now. The company is involved, but not limited, to the following sectors; building, civils, mining and rail. Over the years, Nsovo Construction has built a strong reputation for providing excellent service to both the private and public sectors. Nsovo Construction is a 100% black owned company and proud to be level 1 B-BBEE contributor in terms of the Department of Trade and Industry’s codes of Good Practice.

38. Tri-Star Construction (Pty) Ltd
40 years of many successes and consistent growth, Tri-Star Construction (TSC) can proudly boast of a highly successful multi-disciplinary construction company. Its services span Commercial, Retail, multi-unit Housing, high-rise Residential as well as specialist builds such as hospitals, data centres and churches.

39. Barrow Construction
Barrow Construction has a proud tradition of producing quality work as well as retaining and developing a loyal staff compliment. Barrow Construction has over the years completed a great variety of projects; these include churches, homes, schools and many commercial offices and factories.

40. Tyris Construction
TYRIS Construction was formed in 1995 on the back of tenders won to conduct repairs at ESKOM’s Impala and Illovo substations. The company soon fostered such an excellent reputation building residential, commercial and retail structures for various independent developers that in 2002, TYRIS Realty was created to secure development opportunities for the group itself. These two divisions were combined to form the TYRIS Group.

Our Top Construction SA Companies List is in no particular order ranked. These are the top listed SA construction and building contractors in the search engines in South Africa.

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