UK Student Visa Requirements for Indian Students in 2020 (2023)

From all over the world, the United Kingdom always attracts students just because of its well respected and standard teaching.

There are many reasons for the question “Why study in the UK?”. And one of the top reasons is that the UK has many internationally recognized universities that are known for providing quality education and various study programs.

All the students from India should apply to the UK student visa depending upon their duration of stay and age.

If you are planning to study abroad in the UK as an international student, it is obvious for you to stay in the country.

Students applying for categories like graduate / postgraduate / doctoral / research programs should apply for a Tier 4 (general) visa.

UK student visa types:

There are two categories for students under Tier 4 of the point-based system

  1. Student Visa Tier 4 (general): This type of visa is for those students who want to come to the UK for higher education. For this category, the applicant must be at least 16 years old.
  2. Students Visa Tier 4 (for child): This type of visa is for the students whose age is from 5 to 15 years aspiring for education in the UK. These aspirants can take admission in independent fee-paying schools.

If you have enrolled yourself in the UK colleges for the bachelor or higher education, listed in both “recognized bodies list” and “UKBA Sponsor list”. Then you are allowed to work for the maximum 20 hours/week for Tier 4 (general, and full work during the holidays and vacations.

Latest updates: Recently, the UK Government has announced bringing back of the two years of study work visa for all the international students. The benefit of the new immigration rule is for all those students who are planning to pursue their higher studies in the UK starting from 2020-2021.

Right now, an international student pursuing a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree can stay back only for four months.

Only the students of those 27 universities can go back for six months which is part of a pilot scheme. Now usually the Indian students can benefit from this rule.

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How much does tier 4 visa cost?

For Tier 4 (general), the UK student Visa fee is £348. The payment methods are …

  • If you want to pay online use a Mastercard or Visa card.
  • If you want to pay through a demand draft, visit the visa application centre and select the Standard Chartered Bank.
  • If you want to go for direct cash, please visit the visa application centre and select the standard chartered bank.

The UK Visa fees in Indian rupees for Tier 4 (general) students is ₹32,717.

Documents Required for UK Student Visa:

Compared to a tourist visa, applying for a student visa requires carrying a lot more documents.

The applicant needs all the mandatory documents along with the supporting documents of academic and financial records.

Before going to the consulate for the visa interview, make sure that you refer to the UK study visa requirements checklist.

UK Student Visa Requirements for Indian Students in 2020 (1)

Before applying, you must have the following UK visa supporting documents:

  • Student visa application form (completed).
  • A course acceptance letter- the education provider who approved you, will give you an acceptance letter and a visa letter which is the official and unconditional offer of a place on a course study.

Make sure that the Visa letter has not exceeded more than six months before you apply.

The visa letter exceeding the six months limit will be rejected and remember having a visa letter doesn’t mean the application will be approved.

Make sure that you, as an applicant, meet all the requirements of the category and other immigration rule requirements.

  • Evidence of Funds: you need to show the amount of money that can cover your course fee for the first year and living cost up to a maximum of 9 months.
    • The amount depends on whether you are applying as an adult or a child. Also, you stay in or out of London.
    • You need to show that you have held the money for at least 28 days. The end of that period must not be more than a month before your application date.
    • You must have £11,385 for living in London for nine-month of the period and must have £9,135 for living outside of London.
  • Visa fee Payment Receipt
  • All the slips you pay
  • Your original Mark-sheet/ provisional certificate
  • Marks-sheet of the Exams like IELTS, GMAT, TOFEL, etc.

How to Apply for UK Student Visa:

UK Student Visa Requirements for Indian Students in 2020 (2)

There are various steps for the UK Visa application from India. The student visa application for the UK is processed within three weeks after the application form is submitted.

Step 1: The very first step for overseas education in the UK is the visa application process is that you need to check if you qualify for the student visa or not. You must first ensure that;

  • School, college or university must confirm your place. It is also called the confirmation or the acceptance of the studies (CAS).
  • Enough funds that may cover your course fee as well as your living stay in the United Kingdom.

Step 2: All of the necessary required documents must be kept ready for submissions.

Step 3: Applying online

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You will need to create an account on the UK official website and register yourself there. Complete your application there, and then print it out and sign your completed application form.

You need to use the online calendar appointment to book your appointment at the Visa application centre. By completing your application form, you will get a confirmation mail in which they will give you your Application number.

Step 4: Payment of application: there are four methods for paying your application fee

  • Standard Chartered Bank payment: You can do the fee payment procedure through the use of some branches of the Standard Chartered Bank. They will make a demand draft in favour of “British high commission.”
  • By nationalize or foreign bank demand draft: You also can pay your fee by any nationalize or foreign bank demand draft that they would issue. The charges of the bank vary for this service. The issuance of the demand draft will be in favour of “The British high commission”.
  • Visa application centre: At the time of the submission of the application form, you can pay your fee there at the Visa application centre. You can do it at the spot; for this, the payment must be kept ready.
  • Online pay: you can also pay your fee by the Debit Card, Master Card, or Visa Card.

Step 5: Visit the centre on the due date of appointment: You need to appear on the day of your appointment at the Visa application centre for the submission of application.

For verifications, the process of fingerprint and a facial photograph is essential.

Point-Based UK Visa System

You must have information about the fact that the UK Visa is a point-based visa system. The students need to meet all the requirements of the Immigration rule, which is that you must have 40 points in total.

The Applicant needs to have a valid confirmation of the acceptance for the study form a fully licensed Tier 4 sponsor.30
The Applicant also needs to have enough budget to cover the course fee and even the living expenditure ( also called fund or maintenance).10

Dependents Visa & Costs:

As a primary applicant, the wife and child get the benefit of the dependent visa for the same time of duration.

Only Master’s Degree applicants can avail this opportunity, and an undergraduate can not avail this service for the UK.

If you have a UK Study Visa, your wife and children can apply as a “dependent on point-based system immigrant”. For each dependent applicant, you need to fill a separate application form as well as pay a separate fee.

For each dependent along with your maintenance fund, you have to show an additional £845 for London and £680 outside of London. This amount is monthly for each dependent. You are going to apply for up to a maximum of nine months of period.

If you want, you can also use the scholarship to cover the funds for your wife and child if you have already a scholarship available. The letter of the scholarship must state that the funds include your dependent costs.

UK Student Visa Requirements for Indian Students in 2020 (3)

Additional UK student visa information:

If you are planning to work there after the completion of your studies, then you must apply for a Tier 2 Visa which is for higher-skilled workers.

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You need to apply for the work visa separately because along with a student visa, you do not get the work permit.

Your spouse can only work in the UK if the grant of the visa is more than 12 months.

In case your visa was granted for less than 12 months, or you may be participating in the course of study which is below the degree, then your spouse will not be allowed to work there in the UK.

Where to Apply for a UK Study Visa:

For getting a UK Tier 4 visa, the process is entirely online. You may visit the following link:

UK Visa Online application form

When you are applying for UK student visa from India then you need to visit the VFS global’s visa application centre Delhi for the Biometric interview:

VFS Global Services Pvt. Ltd. | Mezzanine Floor | Baba Kadak Singh| Marg Shivaji| Stadium Metro Station| Connaught Place| New Delhi 110001| India

You can check all the list of visa application centres.

Addresses of UK Embassy and Consulates in India:

Sr. No.UK EmbassyEmbassy Address
1British High Commission in New DelhiShantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021
2British Deputy High Commission in MumbaiNaman chambers, C32 G Block, Bandra-Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai- 400 051
3British Deputy High Commission in Chennai20 Anderson Road, Chennai 600 006
4British Deputy High Commission in Kolkata1A Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Kolkata 700071

UK Scholarship for Applicant

The Education System of the UK is considered one of the best in the world. As we know, most of the international students need financial support to pursue higher education from the UK.

For attending the desire of international students, there are different types of scholarships available for study in the UK.

Following are some of the top fellowships for studying in the UK.

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Is IELTS required for UK student visa 2022? ›

The UK student visa is a Tier 4 (General) visa. The minimum IELTS band requirement for a UK study visa is 4.0 and more for all the skills. However, one should not check the minimum IELTS requirements rather one should aim to score a good IELTS band score to secure admission and a UK student visa.

How much bank balance is required for UK student visa in India? ›

You'll need either: £1,334 per month (for up to 9 months) for courses in London. £1,023 per month (for up to 9 months) for courses outside London.

How many months bank statement do I need for UK student visa? ›

Overview of financial requirement

The financial requirement is that you show you have enough money to support yourself while studying in the UK. Usually you'll need to show a set amount of money for each month of your course, for up to 9 months.

What is the success rate of UK student visa 2022? ›

Sponsored study visa UK: approval & refusal rate, year ending March 2022. UK sponsored study visa grant rate is overall 98% for all nationals applied from outside the UK for entry clearance in 2022 – top countries that were granted most visas for UK.

Can I go to UK without IELTS? ›

Yes. Though English language proficiency is one of the requirements, there is an alternative if you choose to study at a university that waives IELTS. Instead of submitting your IELTS scores, you need to submit a document from the university stating that you are eligible to apply for a Visa.

Can I get UK visa without IELTS? ›

A. Yes, you may get a UK study visa without IELTS. For this, you can show the immigration authorities a certificate from the university where you have been admitted specifying that you are eligible for a study visa without IELTS.

Who is exempt from IELTS in UK? ›

Exemptions if you're applying to settle

the partner or spouse of a person who has died who was either a British citizen or someone settled in the UK. an adult dependent relative between 18 and 64 of someone who is present and settled in the UK, is a refugee or has humanitarian protection. a refugee living in the UK.

Is 6.5 A good score in IELTS for UK? ›

However, to study in the world's top 200 universities in the UK, score requirements are much more stringent.
Minimum IELTS Score Requirements For UK Universities.
Level (Courses)English Requirement
University FoundationIELTS 4.5 (4.0+ in all skills)
Bachelor's DegreeIELTS 6.5 (6.0+ in all skills)
2 more rows

Is simple IELTS accepted in UK? ›

All British universities and colleges accept IELTS Academic results This means you may not need to take an IELTS for UKVI (Academic) test but can submit an IELTS Academic result.

What are the requirements for student visa in UK? ›

You can apply for a Student visa to study in the UK if you're 16 or over and you: have been offered a place on a course by a licensed student sponsor. have enough money to support yourself and pay for your course - the amount will vary depending on your circumstances. can speak, read, write and understand English.


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